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2019 DRAFT Route

So, Now you hear about the 2019 details.
The dates and cities we will be visiting.

Day 0
August 5th, 2019.
Last year, we did a ride down to Rally Point Retreat to check out the portable sawmill that we purchased for them. Well, we might do something like that again.
There are a couple other ideas that we are working on for the long weekend monday that you might be interested in. More details as we get them going. If nothing else – go for a local touristy ride.

Day 1
August 6th, Halifax to North Sydney.
Departing from Halifax, the group will head up to Cape Breton Island, stopping in Port Hawkebury and a couple other scenic places.
The exact route is subject to a closer impection of construction expectations as we get closer, but we will work to ensure that there is limited travel on the same roads planned for the next day.
We are still working on developing the plan of where to RV, and if we have HRP escorts etc.

TRB 2019 day 1

Day 2
August 7th, Sydney to Charlottetown.
Leaving North Sydney, we will limit how much time we spend on the same asphalt as the day before. Searching for some coastal vistas along the way to PEI.
The current plan is that we will go around to the bridge. The ferry has a limit of how many bikes, and we are in discussions with them for an exception to the normal.
We will send out that information as we get closer.

trb 2019 day 2

Day 3
August 8th, Charlottetown to Fredericton
Departing across Confederation Bridge we transit into NB.
Those that were in Minto NB last year, might remember a really good time. Minto is primed and ready to top it this year.

trb 2019 day 3

Day 4
August 9th, Fredericton to Montmagny
Entering our 4th province and first time zone change, this year hope to increase the Quebec events dramatically. Our Quebec rep has some great plans working with a dealership to help us have a great event. Keep an ear to the ground for more details about that one.

trb 2019 day 4

Day 5
August 10th, Montmagny to Hawkesbury
Not a large day, but possibly heaviest traffic day as we again challenge the freeways around Montreal on our continued transit west.

trb 2019 day 5

Day 6
August 11th, Hawkesbury to Petawawa
This day has great promise.
Not to let the cat out of the bag, but there is something in the wind that this could become a day to remember. You might want to subscribe to the MMI website and to this page too in order to get emailed details as we find them out.

trb 2019 day 6

Day 7
August 12th, Petawawa to Barrie
A day on the secondary highways of Ontario, relaxed pace and countryside might be just what is needed after the freeways and hustle of the previous days.

day 7 trb 2019

Day 8
August 13th, Barrie to Sault Ste Marie
The trip across the top of the great lakes will be the same as previous years. The challenges that we (as ride planners) have, is that we don’t have many options. So, 2019 will follow the same schedule as the first 2 for a few days.

Day 11
August 16th, Winnipeg to Regina
As we cross the prairies, we get into the province that has really provided a solid response to TRB. 2019 will be no different as we go through Saskatchewan on the weekend.
Breakfast at Headingly Sport Shop and awesome visit to Moosomin are now solid “gotta do” on our schedule.

Day 12
August 17th, Regina to Saskatoon
We are looking to return to Humboldt area again.
The 2018 party in Saskatoon might be considered the best in TRB history (any other provinces want to up their game and challenge that). Having the flyby in Humboldt was pretty awesome too.

Day 13
August 18th, Saskatoon to Okotoks.
Our last day in the prairies will be a long one, but we will make up for it.
We hope that we get our Alberta escort team back as they made the ride through Alberta pretty special the last 2 years.

Day 14
August 19th, Okotoks to Cranbrook
This is were TRB is now getting into some new territory bypassing through the Crowsnest pass, and into some of the BC Kootenay regions best riding roads.
There is plenty of time for littleplanned sightseeing at historical places like the Frank Slide
After the weekend, and the long day before – keeping it reasonable isn’t a bad idea.

Day 15
August 20th, Cranbrook to Kelowna
Continuing further into the mountains and into the heart of the Okanagan, TRB spends its last night on the road in Kelowna BC. Key thing to notice about his leg – is how squiggly the line is, and how it will take over 6 hours to travel 525 kms… if you are lucky.

Last ride day Day 16
August 21st, Kelowna to Burnaby
The last ride day leaves the Okanagan via the Hope Princeton highway.
Then at Hope BC, we get back into traffic and freeways on the road to our finale location – Trev Deeley HD in the BC lower mainland.
There is a bit of a wrap up party in the works, so you don’t want to miss out on things winding down.

As you can tell, there is just the basics here.
Our planning team is hard at work on arrangements to make this the most epic ride possible. As such, plans might change, please check out the main TRB Facebook page give us a like. You will see that our SK Provincial lead already has an event attached to the page – feel free to show your interest, so that updates get into your FB feed.
Additional TRB now has Twitter please go there and give us a follow for updates
But of course, you can always sign up for an email subscription to have all our TRB Website SITREPs emailed directly to you by robots, insta-seconds after we publish them, direct to your email inbox.

So, please watch for updates as we send out more details. The accommodations post of where our lead element will be staying, the prices we have organized, and how to book them, will be posted within the next 2 weeks.

The planners are busy – information will start to fly.
Tell your friends, ride safe and see you on the road.

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Riding the roads of the Maritimes

Ride to Halifax

Have you ridden the roads of Nova Scotia?
If you haven’t, you are missing out on quite a hidden gem in the east.  The lazy meandering secondary highways along the Atlantic Ocean are an enjoyable ride.  Why not check some out on your way to Halifax to join the Rolling Barrage before it heads west.

That’s right – if you are in Ontario, you have a few days of travel to get to Halifax, but we have a plan for that… The Rolling Barrage doesn’t leave until AFTER the August long weekend.  So if you were to use the weekend to touristy travel east, then join TRB west bound, you are in Ottawa the following Sunday, and will have visited many unique spots in Canadas Maritimes, using just 1 week of vacation time.  Nova Scotia has an abundance of touristy, history, brewery, and other things to see that end in -y

If you get to Halifax early, there are any number of enjoyable touristy locations to see.  Take your ride to scenic Peggys cove (there is motorcycle parking) and loop around to Mahone bay.  Are you a “Curse of Oak Island” fan?  That location is a short ride from Halifax along the coast.  Postcard photo moments are everywhere.

Halifax is a very military supportive city, with a long history attached to the RCN, and the ocean.  Military and veteran discounts are everywhere, and worth asking about.  The city even named a harbour ferry for one of the areas fallen soldiers, MCpl Christopher Stannix.

Places like the Citadel go back to the earliest days of European settlers coming to the harbour.

If history is not your cup of tea, we can recommend Brewery.  Many new craft beer purveyors are available in Halifax as the last 5 years has seen an explosion of brewers start up to develop their offerings.  The other option is to enjoy some of the traditional Halifax landmarks such as The Lower Deck for a Keiths.

Either way, The Rolling Barrage wants to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your vacation time, and we think that using the weekend to travel east, then loop west with us, is the best way to get everything while supporting a great cause.  You could travel the Cabot Trail to cover portions that TRB might not cover, or the other direction (won’t tell you about that just yet) or just take that time to stop and smell the salt breeze.

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Thank you

the ride is complete.
The hard work really begins now, not just math – but starting the conversations about what went right this year, what needs work for next year – and how to make it bigger, better, with a whole new level of awesomeness, next year. Continue reading Thank you