Privacy Policy

In the online connected community of today, data protection and privacy are always an individual’s concern, and are equally important to The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation. 

We will follow the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) when conducting our email marketing, which is the main reason that we will collect your information – to create our email list.  Here is a link to the government website about CASL. 

The Rolling Barrage will not sell or offer the information we collect from our subscribers, donors and participants, to any third party.

How did we get your information?
In accordance with CASL, we are permitted to collect information from persons/organizations/parties that have “implied consent” and those that “express consent”.

Implied Consent –
There is an existing business relationship between The Foundation and the recipient of the email.  For our purposes, implied consent means registered riders, donors, and those who have purchased from our online store.

Express Consent –
People who have specifically signed up to be on our email list.  For this example – it is most specific to having signed up on our website.

To remain compliant, our marketing materials will always contain the following requirements:
– The Rolling Barrage will be listed as the “From” sender.
– Our address will be included in the document
– You will have the ability to “unsubscribe” from the list,**
 ** Using Mailchimp software as we do, if you click on the unsubscribe button, it happens instantly that you are removed from our audience.

We only collect mailing addresses for those that we ship merchandise to and email addresses that we use to build our email list.  We do not store or collect credit card info. That information is only used by our payment gateway (PayPal).

Our intent of collecting this information is exclusively as a communication method outside of social media.  We intend to send out a routine newsletter with updates, interesting highlights, and other information about The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation or its events.

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us .