About In Memory Of

Welcome to The Rolling Barrage 2018 In Memory Of page.  During our 2017 inaugural ride, daily safety briefs were conducted for those joining the ride as it crossed the country.  Those present were able to offer a name and quick story to dedicate that leg to someone they lost as a result of PTSD.  This allowed people to build a deeper connection with the ride, our efforts to increase awareness, break the stigma surrounding PTSD, and reach out for help.  The ultimate goal is to stop losing our brothers and sisters to this affliction.

The local and national reaction to these dedications has demonstrated a need to make this grow. This year we would like to offer riders and those unable to do the ride, the opportunity to dedicate a leg in memory of someone they have lost to PTSD, diagnosed or not, through a donation.  It can be a general donation, or you can choose a particular leg if that area has a personal connection.  For those attending the ride, your registration fee will cover the cost.

A leg is any portion of the ride where the complete group will start and stop at predetermined locations.   The dedications will be read to the group prior to starting a new leg. Specific legs may be shared with another name if more than one dedication is received.  Check out the history on Valour Road for a great understanding on this concept.


The funds raised from these donations will help Military Minds Inc. continue connecting serving, veteran military and 1st responders with the programs and help they need to push through their PTSD, and not become an IN MEMORIAM.  We need the names and stories of soldiers, veterans, police, firefighters and EMT’s who fought until they had no fight left.  PTSD, diagnosed or not, is still PTSD and those who aren’t yet diagnosed need the help of those who are, to know its ok to come forward, stand up, and speak out.  We want to recognize these people, show their country how many have suffered, how many are suffering now amongst us, and put an end to this unnecessary loss.