As a fundraising organization, Military Minds Inc has used shirt sales, motorcycle rides, and other events to build awareness and raise funds in the name of PTSD.
One of the most common questions we get is – what do you do with the funds you raise?
Now we will start doing more than telling you – let us show you.

In todays world of numerous fundraisers, it is hard to hear the music over all the noise. There are so many scam artists and shysters out hawking for your funds, that the donating public is very wary of where they place their hard earned cash.

In 2019, MMI has a number of disbursement projects. We want to make sure we take the opportunity to talk about them, even scream it from the rooftops if we feel so inclined.

So – lets talk about Camp My Way.

Camp my way

June 1st, Camp My Way held a PTSD awareness and fundrasing ride in Vancouver BC. Its purpose as stated on its website – “INTERNATIONAL PTSD / MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS IN MEMORY NODAR KUMARITASHVILI”
For those that don’t know Nodars story and connection to Camp My Way.
Here is where you can learn how it all began

The story behind Camp My Way and Terrance, its Founder, is inspirational. Short video link with a news interview the morning before the ride can be found HERE .

We hope you can consider supporting via all the social networks:
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For its first event, it was an impressive turnout, on a majestic day.

We took this opportunity to demonstrate our support to Terrance and the Camp My Way efforts, in front of the crowd.

Like the Rally Point Retreat presentation last year. MMI is working to support PTSD retreats across Canada.
We would like to thank you for making this level of support possible.

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