We have every reason to believe that we (Military Minds Inc) are the largest of Veteran based pages, which has been providing peer support for years. Every once in awhile, we get these messages that help make it all worthwhile. This is why we do what we do.

We have had some really great success stories over the years, and as we gain momemtum, we want to share them with the world. It helps the general public understand what we do.
This story just came to use recently, so we asked if we can share.

story recover ptsd

One of the key things we do, is to encourage people to get the help they need. As we have screamed from the rooftops that there shouldn’t be a stigma. We feel awareness of PTSD is on a good trajectory now.

Note – we didn’t say our job was done – there is still more work to be done in the awareness area.

Many people are less intimidated, or less concerned about what people might think, when it comes to PTSD and acknowledging that you are in treatment.

Knowing that you have had a set back, seeking treatment, and most of all – what really hits me in the feels, is the desire to pay it forward.

The Rolling Barrage got us some interesting feedback in year 1. We had a few people email us and tell us that with the large number of people present that understood, the comfort level of just being able to say – “I need a minute”.
No judgement, no questions – just a person taking the time they needed, knowing that a brotherhood was aware and although not directly looking at him, was watching to support if needed.

story ptsd awareness

This isn’t the first success story that has joined the Rolling Barrage. Based on some recent discussions, we hope to spread more of these stories.

Key thing that we love to note – is that this person acknowledges the victory.

My personal opinion, and what really warms my heart, is that one can notice the change in your mental health, which highlights your self awareness, and to congratulate yourself on achieving a success.

Yes, we have hearts that can be warmed. Not saying we are cold and heartless, but have feelings too!!!

This was a second order effect that we didn’t really expect our fundraising and awareness events would have to the level that we have been told about.

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