The Rolling Barrage - Coast-to-Coast Ride to Combat PTSD

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Celebrating the 100th Centennial of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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The Rolling Barrage 

One of the key aspects of The Rolling Barrage is to raise awareness to end the stigma that surrounds PTSD. PTSD is not a disorder or a disease, it is an injury sustained from the traumas of one’s duty to protecting Canada and its citizens.

The Rolling Barrage as a coast-to-coast annual ride across Canada works to foster inclusivity. “Not all wounds are visible. Not all wounds are military.” PTSD and other mental health challenges are within occupations that are at the greatest risk of development of PTSD and this is primarily through service to Canada, its provinces and municipalities.

The Rolling Barrage is open to riders with not just a military background. We greatly support the inclusion of First Responder communities such as police services, fire departments and emergency medical organizations to participate. We openly invite civilian riders, as a way to show support for troops and within the Emergency Services and Safety Community.

The Rolling Barrage and its riders and supporters donate funds, services, and equipment to organizations and activities that are aligned with The Rolling Barrage’s goals and values.

The Rolling Barrage works to prevent the loss of life due to suicides of community members with PTSD through a renewed passion for life’s pleasures by virtue of conducting an annual coast-to-coast motorcycle ride across Canada.

A sense of belonging is significant in any mental health healing process. The Rolling Barrage as a coast-to-coast national ride helps foster this process. We encourage Veterans, serving CAF members, First Responders, and the Safety Community to engage with each other during the ride and throughout the year.  Our members have been known to build alliances from common roots of serving and protecting Canada.