Auction – The Rolling Barrage

The Rolling Barrage has successfully run online auctions using 32 Auctions since 2017. It has provided for thousands of dollars collectively to help the organization operate from an admin, logistical and operational perspective. The auction has also provided for funds that are also dispersed to organizations we help.

The auction is made possible by gracious donations of items from either Sponsors, small businesses and individuals across the country. Items from electronics, quilts, clothing, swag, sports, military, movie and television memorabilia as well as handcrafted works such as carvings and art or authorized reprints of original art pieces. 

The Rolling Barrage understands that works of art can represent a specific value to an artist and that their artistic reputation has a valuation they do not want to go below. With that, we will set their market value in our auction platform to cover minimally that appreciation on donated works of art as the starting bid. If the bid is not matched, there will be no devaluation of the intended donation of their work. In fact, the donated work remains with the artist until sold accordingly.

The Rolling Barrage – Auction takes place during the actual ride in August. At times, as the ride progresses, more items get added to the auction.

To bid on the Auction and receive notices, you must sign up with 32 Auctions and provide details so that minimally we can reach you on a successful bid you have won and make payment and shipping arrangements.

During the Auction we will provide a link to our page here, Blog News posts and on Social Media. We also make posts on selected items of interest.

To Donate items for the auction, reach out to us on our Contact page or even Social Media such as Facebook and you will be forwarded to our Auction Rep to begin the conversation.

We thank you in advance, and we gratefully thank those in the past who have so kindly donated.

The Rolling Barrage has had great items donated to our organization since 2017. Below are pictures of some of items donated for auction since 2017.

You can click on the picture as well to expand it in Lightbox on your screen.

As you can see from the pictures above, donations of Auction items to The Rolling Barrage cover a wide array of types. From hand made quilts, works of art, reprints of art, signed sports jerseys, and autographed memorabilia.

Items are donated from those who volunteer within The Rolling Barrage, company’s who want to give something to be auctioned that is handmade or unique, and people who have private items they are willing to have auctioned because they too as well support our mission and organization.

If you would like to donate an item or multiple items to our auction, please Contact Us and you will be forwarded to our Auction Manager.

The Rolling Barrage – Previous Auctions

Since 2017, The Rolling Barrage has conducted an auction during the entirety of the ride from coast to coast. When the ride starts, so does the auction. Quite often, as the ride progresses, we get contacted to add more auction items to our auction. Which is both outstanding and greatly appreciated.

By clicking on the Yearly Photos below, you will be sent to The Rolling Barrage – archived Auction for that year. You are able to see what items were donated.

If you wish to donate an item, service or product in our Auction which takes place in August during the ride please Contact Us.