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About The Rolling Barrage – Fun Stuff

This is a little corner of The Rolling Barrage website where we will take some of the interactions from posts created from our Facebook page and relay it here for the whole world to see. It can be anything from a contest being run to maybe a funny meme, picture , or video added into the fray. The end goal is to understand as serious as our mission is, there has to be fun and good times in the mix.

The Rolling Barrage – April 2023 Contest – Wear That Merch!!!

The Rolling Barrage – April 2023 Contest had people showing themselves in our merchandise. There were some creative responses, pictures, and they were all appreciated. In the end there is a winner and Warren Cave and family are it. Even the lovely dog threw on an old-school bandana around the neck. 

Warren wins himself a $25.00 gift card from Petro Canada. Congratulations Warren. 

The Rolling Barrage – March 2023 Contest – Favorite Playlist

We asked our readers at the beginning of March 2023, on our Facebook page if they listen to music while riding their motorcycles, what would be the Top 5 songs on their playlist. The playlists with the most, Likes, Loves, interactions and comments played a part in the overall decision.

So we will start with the No# 1 – Playlist and work our way to No# 5. I think we also have an Honorable Mention in here too. Plus the No#1 song!

No# 1 – Coming in after dusting off a couple of AC/DC cassette tapes, with an all AC/DC playlist to rock those miles away is Sheila Bonia White. A whopping 9 likes and 2 loves. Here’s her playlist.


1. Highway to Hell
2. Thunderstruck
3. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
4. You Shook Me All Night Long
5. Let There Be Rock

No#2 – Barrelling in at this spot is Graham Jones with a pretty solid playlist. He got a straight up 11 “Likes.” for his recommendations for riding tunes.


1. Green Day – American Idiot
2. Iron Maiden – The Trooper
3. Ozzy – Crazy Train
4. RUSH – 2112
5. AC/DC – Thunder Struck
Quite possibly he may have peeked at Sheila’s homework and borrowed one of her AC/DC songs.

No# 3 – This one was tough. Two contenders in this spot to be honest, so we had to break down all the analytics, make an Excel Level 4 spreadsheet, drop it into the Matrix and burn midnight oil… nah.. I put their names on paper in a bowl, stirred them around and picked one. No# 3 is Mark Doratti. Here’s his playlist.


1. Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins
2. Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton
3. We Ride – Brian Martin
4. Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood
5. Wild Thing – The Troggs

No# 4 – This playlist could have been #3 but it was the piece of paper left in the bowl in our scientific data analysis.

Coming at you in the No# 4 spot and a wierd fascination with small feet is Scott Sherlow.


1. Little Feat – Dixie Chicken
2. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
3. Little Feat – Willin
4. Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
5. Metallica – Whisky in the Jar

No#5 – Ok, so you know on those shows when the game master asks a question like “what is the capital of Canada?” And the excited contestent screams out “BACON!!!” This is one of those times. Coming in @ No#5 playing spoons, juice harps, and god knows what else is Chris Sainsbury and his No#5 playlist.

Newfie music the whole way” oh and an arm flex and happy face with sunglasses emoji added.

Thank you Chris.. I now need a drink @ 7:00 am and therapy. 

Honourable Mention – Why do I feel like Alex Trebek on Saturday Night Live doing Jeopardy? With the Honourable Mention is Harm Solo.

Now before everyone gets all excited, I had to warn him about his first submission which all sounded like 70’s Porn jams. So he edited it… and this one song from his list I like. I liked it so much its the No#1 Song also!

Anyway, that’s it folks. Great work on the Playlists. Sadly there is no prizes. I asked the Board of Directors and the answer was something like; “we’re not giving prizes for this s***.” 

“The page is called Fun Stuff!” … No one listens to me.

More .. The Rolling Barrage – Fun S***, Stuff soon..