Donors – The Rolling Barrage 

Donors to The Rolling Barrage

The Rolling Barrage depends on three key stakeholder silos, which are crucial for our mission’s success. Often, these silos can be one and the same, and their absence makes it even more challenging to accomplish our intended mission.

Sponsors – they represent in most charity or non-for-profit organizations a key stakeholder in terms of significant monetary contributions either in direct funds or associated services or products. Our Sponsors are crucial to the continued operation and success of The Rolling Barrage.

Supporters – there is a myriad of descriptions for supporters. Businesses affording “at cost” products or services to The Rolling Barrage. Donations of cash funds, or items for our Auction.

Legion, Union, and Rotary Club branches have generously hosted us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner events. We are incredibly grateful to the councils and communities of cities, towns, and villages who opened their doors to The Rolling Barrage, lining their streets with flags and showing their support. None of this would be possible without the dedicated work of community organizers who rally people to our cause.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the brave police, fire, and ambulance crews who accompany us on our journey, both on and off duty. Your support has grown tremendously since 2017 and continues to climb each year.

We have also seen an increase in participation as riders in The Rolling Barrage, and we recognize that you are an integral part of our success.

Riders – The Rolling Barrage is you, and you are The Rolling Barrage. It is really that simple. Your importance as a Donor is unquestionable. You pay the Registration fees. You more than any other group purchase our Merchandise. Donated items for our Auctions have come from riders and in many cases, you are also bidders in our auctions.

You, the riders, participate in our raffles, 50/50, and events. You, the riders, also volunteer for our organization, and that in itself is a donation of you. You have continually given. We could never say Thank You enough.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” 

~ Mohammed Ali