The Rolling Barrage – Our Supporters

Our Supporters are many.

Our Supporters are corporations, Unions, small business, cities, hotels, restaurants, motorcycle shops, Legions, Rotary Clubs, Community Groups, other Charity or Not For Profit organizations.

Our Supporters are Police, Fire, Ambulance Services and the greater First Responder community across the country. You fly flags on high to welcome, escort and protect us.

Our Supporters are also those who Donate personally. Either direct financially or with items to Auction.

Our Supporters are the businesses we deal with in order to obtain and manufacture merchandise.

Our Supporters are also those who stand on the side of road, flags flying, waving as we pass by.

Our Supporters are you, the Riders who fill our ranks during The Rolling Barrage. A lot of the Full Puller’s also are employed in support roles during the ride. Without you, there really is no The Rolling Barrage or The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation.

The Rolling Barrage may be a Foundation but you represent the “pillers” which add structure, support and strength.

The Rolling Barrage – Full Pull & Riders

You represent the back-bone of The Rolling Barrage. You ride rain or shine, across the 2nd largest country in the world. Some serve on its Board of Directors, some have other important roles. You contribute in often unseen ways. Without you, there is no ride.

Thank you.


You prepare the places we pass by or visit. You put up the flags, streamers and support posters and placards. You wait patiently in all kinds of weather. You are part of what connects us from one coast of Canada to the next. You are the Communities and its People.

Thank you.

First Responders

You escort The Rolling Barrage safely within your communities and jurisdiction. You are with us during long stretches of our journey. You welcome us with lights, sirens and flags raised high. You are part of our ranks when not on duty or retired. You contribute in so many different ways to our mission.

Thank you.