About The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024

About The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024

The Rolling Barrage will be going into its 8th year of coast to coast riding and awareness to combat the stigma associated with PTSD and other mental health-related concerns.

As information flows in and is finalized, we will post here and the pages below The Ride menu and sub-menu, our Blog and News, “The Full Pull” blog, and our Facebook page. 

What Separates The Rolling Barrage from other Charity Rides?

The Rolling Barrage is on average a 19-21 day motorcycle ride through everything that Canada has to offer its visitors. The smells as we ride by ocean vistas on the East Coast, the sights of the Maritimes, along the St. Lawrence, Northern Ontario, the plains of the prairies and the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia.

The tastes of food from various regions and the awesome volunteers and organizations who help in feeding us along the way. The sounds of sirens, motorcycles, people waving and yelling their support.  The touch of an embrace of a colleague you knew while in the service or have not seen in a long time. The touch you feel in your heart.

All your senses can be engaged.

It’s time to reflect, think, long and hard, about everything and anything you’ve been needing to think about. The past, present and the future.

It’s a connection to people who understand that life throws circumstances into your journey and it can cause you to lose your balance. For many who ride with us, this ride is about centering yourself and not just having a life, but living.

The Rolling Barrage is not just a motorcycle group ride. It is a life-changing series of moments and events that can bring forth positive strengths, courage, resiliency, friendship, and understanding to the forefront of your mind.

Whether you ride one leg, a series of days, or “The Full Pull” across the country, you are in the company of many who experienced or are experiencing what you may have.

Collectively, yes, we are a motorcycle ride to many onlookers, but you have to experience The Rolling Barrage to truly understand it.

Join us. We are the family you didn’t know existed.

Are You Ready? 

Support us along the route or join us for some wind/throttle therapy.

Ride a leg, a day, a weekend, or join us for The Full Pull, in our efforts to combat PTSD, personal challenges, and to join a supportive network of brothers and sisters. This is the family you never knew you had.

The Rolling Barrage starts in August and crosses Canada on a daily route until it “takes the ridge” during a grand finale in Vancouver, BC.

Riders, many of them in for the “Full Pull”, conduct a 20 day epic motorcycle journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, with daily events scheduled in towns all the way across Canada.

Registered Riders and those who support us, may join in at any Check In point along the route, to show nationwide strength and unity that our military, first responders, and safety community deserve.

Ride Registrations – As our resources, ability for payments, registrations and so forth are limiting during the ride, we encourage all riders to Register Online. This is easier on you and on us so we can maintain ride schedules. Online Registration is currently closed. We will announce when Registrations for The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 start. 

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