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Our Ridership

The Rolling Barrage considers Our Ridership, essentially all those who have participated in The Rolling Barrage as part of our greater organization. The Rolling Barrage conducts an annual coast-to-coast ride to combat the stigma associated with PTSD and other mental and physical health challenges.

Everyone within the leadership of The Rolling Barrage has participated in the annual ride on a motorcycle or a support vehicle for operational purposes.

Many of our riders since 2017 have also accomplished The Full Pull, some multiple times. Our Ridership forms the Safety Group needed coast to coast. They are part of the Leads for ride packets. Taking on responsibilities, duties, and functions needed to make our ride not only successful but safe.

Our Ridership is within the Board of Directors, Executive, Provincial Leads, and our Community across Canada.

Our Ridership has consisted of participants from various countries, such as the United States who participate annually in The Run For The Wall. Riders from The Rolling Barrage have also participated in the Run For The Wall with increased growth each year.

In fact, during our ride in 2023, when there was a need for our national anthem to be sung, it was an American rider joining us coast to coast, A Full Puller who sang O’ Canada at our events.

Riders from Germany and the United Kingdom have also participated in The Rolling Barrage.

Mental Health has no boundaries and Our Ridership participation proves it.

Our Ridership consists of Active Duty and Retired Canadian, American, and other countries military members. Our Ridership is Active Duty and Retired RCMP, Provincial and Municipal Police Service personnel. Active Duty and Retired Fire Services and EMS – Emergency Medical Services personnel. Our Ridership extends to other First Responder Services such as Coast Guard, Corrections, and Immigration.

Our Ridership extends to Supporters and Sponsors that encompass a wide field of expertise from country singers, to families amd more good people who want to support and be part of The Rolling Barrage.

Our Ridership is also key to our fundraising efforts. Whether they may be our Sponsors, Supporting Sponsors, and absolutely those who purchase our Merchandise.

Our Ridership is critical to our success and The Rolling Barrage has grown due to your efforts and donations. But more importantly, your participation.

The Rolling Barrage sincerely thanks Our Ridership.

Below are pictures in a gallery of riders.