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The Rolling Barrage by participating in our annual coast-to-coast ride travels through many communities across Canada. Community forms the foundation of Canada. Within a community, you have several communities that will form and become the fabric woven to make that community.

Whether it is business communities, veteran and active duty and first responder communities, services associated with the management of that community, awareness groups, or its populace, Community is the heart of it.

The Rolling Barrage since 2017 has published a Ride Poster and while the focus is on the overnight stops as the ride proceeds east to west across Canada, there are a significant amount of communities we have passed through or visited through the years.

Below is our annual Ride Posters in a photo gallery. All the overnight stops are in the posters from 2017, our first ride to our current years ride. Now imagine all the communities we have rode through. Easily in a ride across Canada we pass through over a thousand. Where we have stopped overnight, restbreaks,fuel, visit a monument, memorial, or attend an event is probably in the hundred or so range.

We’ve seen the people wave, flags flying, local veterans and First Responders on the road and bridges saluting. We have visited communities that have had to adapt to a new normal or active crisis such as Humboldt Saskatchewan, or wildfires across the country. We have given up rooms in our hotels for those displaced, food, snacks, and water to those in crisis or managing the crisis. We have even encompassed riders on their own, broken down or in search of themselves, join us trying to understand who we are, what we are doing, and why we do it.

Why? Because The Rolling Barrage is a Community. A moving community where not only do we need support from communities, but at times, they need our support.

Two photo galleries are on this page. We need to emphasize what Community means to The Rolling Barrage.

The first photo gallery is our Annual Ride Posters. The second is Community.

To all the communities we have visited and been through, thank you.