The Rolling Barrage – Who We Help

Since 2017 The Rolling Barrage has donated to Charity / Not-for-Profit organizations across Canada.

The Rolling Barrage in our fundraising efforts has helped put food on the table, a place to sleep, therapy programs with horses, starting a new hobby, wrapping veterans and first responders in quilts, fishing, hunting, camping, parachuting and more.

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The Photo Gallery to the right is just some organizations we have helped and the good we have been able to do with everyone’s continued support.

The Rolling Barrage has done an annual coast to coast motorcycle ride across Canada to raise funds to help end the stigmas associated with PTSD and other mental health and physical challenges. How can you help? You can join us coast to coast on our annual motorcycle ride by Registering. Awareness is a big part of our organization and nothing raises awareness more when you have 100 or more motorcycles passing by. Riders often buy our Merchandise as nothing flies the colours better than The Rolling Barrage shirts, flags, or patches. Even if you don’t ride, you can still purchase something in Support.

We support programs for Active Duty, Veterans, and the First Responder Community in Canada. Click on the organization’s logos below that we have donated to and you will go to their website or social media presence. 

If you need support or further information, please contact them directly. 

Donee Recipients – 2023

Donee Recipients – 2022

Donee Recipients – 2020 / 2021

To learn more about the organizations that The Rolling Barrage contributes funds to, please click on their respective logos. A new browser window will open to the organization’s website.

Organizations such as ATB Cares and Canada Cares Org are facilitators for the distribution of donations to other organizations in the charity and non/not for profit sphere.

Muse is a Sleep-Aide device that The Rolling Barrage purchased for distribution to veterans and first responders who are experiencing sleep-related issues.

We would like to thank again all the Sponsors, Supporters and those who Ride and contribute towards our fundraising efforts across Canada. Without you, our ride, or deserving organizations such as those mentioned do not exist.