The Rolling Barrage – Podcasts

The Rolling Barrage – Podcasts

Scott Casey (Founder) and others have taken part in podcast broadcasts over the years. It is a great medium to reach out to a wider audience, often listening live.

We have added some podcasts that Scott and others have been invited to. We hope you enjoy them and consider subscribing to their podcasts and social media channels to help them expand as they have done for us.

Former CEO & Director of The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation – Paul Harman is a guest on the Operation Tango Romeo – Podcast.

Paul discusses The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation and some of the challenges with planning and conducting a coast to coast motorcycle ride; The Rolling Barrage.

Click the link below to go to the video directly on the Operation Tango Romeo’s – You Tube Channel.

Operation Tango Romeo – Podcast – Paul Harman