The Rolling Barrage – Hotel Information

The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 Hotel Information

Hotel Information for The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 is available below in PDF Format.

****13 February 2024 – IMPORTANT INFORMATION**** – The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 Hotel Guide Version 2.0 has been updated.

  •  added a Listing of Changes / Notes section
  • Kenora ON Night of –August 08 Primary Hotel *** Change – 13 Feb 2024
    Phone Number Changed to Front Desk of Hotel
    1 (807) 468-8016 0
    **** Check your current reservation rate. Should be $216.00 before taxes.****

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The file is in PDF format.

Below is the link to the Hotel Information Guide – Coast to Coast – 13 February 2024 Version 2.0

The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 Hotel Guide – Version 2.0 

General Hotel Information – The Rolling Barrage 

Our Provincial Reps and Volunteers have researched for hotels based on several criteria. Below are common goals for the Hotels that are planned and block booked. 

A rider is free to choose any suggested hotel or if they so choose a hotel of their own choosing. 

  • best possible price 
  • where multiple hotels are required in proximity to events 
  • co-located restaurant facilities or facilities in proximity
  • in proximity to fuel stations 
  • sufficient parking facilities 
  • features when possible – laundry, pool, sauna 
  • along intended route on entry, and exit as best as possible 

Reserved blocks of rooms are based on the rider (you) reserving your room in advance. There are no guarantees on rooms being available if you show up day of the ride. 

We do not book individuals’ rooms, this is the riders responsibility. 

For Registration (we highly recommend Registering Online). The Safety Brief, and Kick Stands Up to proceed on our next leg is at the Primary Hotel listed on the Route Information – Captains Sheets.

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