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The Power Of Sponsorship

Sponsorship is essentially partnering with The Rolling Barrage in providing the opportunity to deliver on mutually beneficial objectives and amplify complementary efforts and resources all while fostering our Mission, Vision, and the communities we are trying to help.

It then transitions to what is referred often as a “Joint or Combined Operation.” This provides for the Administrative, Logistical, and Operational support mechanisms needed in order to achieve our Objectives, therefore Mission success.

Below are highlights of the many ways that the power of sponsorship can be leveraged to enhance and make a tangible difference in the lives of Active Duty, Retired, Military & First Responder communities.

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Businesses, not-for-profits, community groups and individuals are finding mutual benefits through strategic and personal partnerships with The Rolling Barrage.

Partnering / Sponsoring, The Rolling Barrage provides the opportunity to deliver on mutual objectives and amplify our efforts and resources while helping our Active Duty, Retired, Military and First Responder communities in our overall Mission objectives. 

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Sponsor – The Rolling Barrage

Corporations are increasingly turning to organizations such as The Rolling Barrage for successful sponsorships that align with their business goals and values in delivering positive community-based outreach programs. 

Corporations , Organizations, Communities and the general populace are becoming more alert to where sponsorship and marketing funds are being directed. Methods and means of advertising is becoming more blended with traditional marketing programs but also tied into values and responsibility. 

In essence the short game, is traditional advertising and the “long game” is where your contributions can have immediate, intermediate, and long-term benefits in someone’s life. 

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Donate to The Rolling Barrage

There are many ways to give to The Rolling Barrage.  Monetary donations are the cornerstone of any not for profit or charitable organization.

Real property or Services is another method of donating. The Rolling Barrage conducts a yearly auction during The Rolling Barrage coast-to-coast ride as an example.

Goods such as water, snacks, meals, fuel. We are riding across the country. You hand a rider a bottle of water and a snack, or fill up a gas tank, you will pretty much have a friend for life.

Time. The most precious of commodities we all have but never seem to have enough of. Volunteer, come out to wave at us as we pass by, or meet us at an Event. Your time, gives us the strength to do what we do, for others who can’t.

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Want to Help Make a Difference?

Do you want to help and make a difference? Are you ready to contribute to a Mission that goes from one end of Canada on the East all the way across to the West?

Do you want to Sponsor, Donate, Support or potentially even ride with us. Do employees in your company ride, or belong to local riding groups? Individual sponsors who are also riders are very welcomed to join us.

We would love to have you join us on our journey.

Now that is a story you can tell and we can help you tell it.

Reach out on the easy form right on this page. Provide your name, phone number and email address and we will begin a conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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