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Charity and Not For Profit Donations and Canada

Statistics Canada reported that $10.6 billion was given in donations for 2020 by Canadians reporting on their annual tax returns. In 2021, $11.8 billion was given in donations.

This does not include people who do not report donations in their tax returns or for organizations such as The Rolling Barrage that are Not For Profit and CRA filing rules, governance and auditing is set out by Corporations Canada and CRA rules.

In other words, The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation does not issue tax receipts at this time for any donation.

There are over 170,000 charities and Non-Profit organizations in Canada. That represents a monetary pie with razor thin slices if you were to give total funds evenly across the board. This also does not include funds donated outside of Canada.

Who Do I Give To?

To any organization you see fit. But with that, giving can be in ways challenging. Who do you give to? Is my money going towards something I understand? Will it be put to good use? How much actually goes to helping?

If you are here on our website, there is a significant probability you have given already or maybe you are deciding on your your donation amount with The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation. There is no minimum nor maximum in reality, as long as you understand that The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation does not issue tax receipts.

Potentially the perspective to take is to consider the cost of the average breakfast meal at a drive thru. On average it would be in around $10.00. There is a lot of good that can be done with a simple donation of $10.00. This grouped with others who donate the same amount can add up significantly.  

Within our organization and our customer base, which is you, someone knows someone involved with our organization and our efforts. That helps us is many ways. We are all volunteers. No one is drawing from the funds raised for a salary. We don’t maintain office space nor employees. Volunteers in The Rolling Barrage have committed their time, home office space, equipment, and donations in some measure to support The Rolling Barrage in its efforts. 

You are an important asset to our mission. Just as important as those who Volunteer within The Rolling Barrage. Donating any amount, helps us on a huge scale. Maybe more than you realize.

You As A Strategic Partner

The Rolling Barrage from 2017 to date has relied on you to help maintain the organization administratively, operationally and logistically, as well as forwarding funds in a collective method to organizations that are directly in line with our overall mission. One hand can help, many hands make for great change. You form part of an unbreakable chain that makes that change happen.

Funds are dispersed to vetted organizations on your behalf. See Who We Help.

We use a portion of your Registration fees and the Merchandise you purchase as well towards the goals of a coast to coast ride, The Rolling Barrage, but also to help fund other organizations too.

Your contributions historically are many, and we thank you. We also need your continued help. Our mission is not over. Your mission is not over. It may have not have even started. Join our ranks by coming out during The Rolling Barrage, purchasing our Merchandise, Donating, or even Volunteering.

Our Beginnings, Started From Within

Our beginnings really started with The Rolling Barrage, Founder, Scott Casey.

He not only started The Rolling Barrage but historically speaking has given thousands of dollars in proceeds from his book Ghostkeepers.

Others who would form an understanding to the mission would also give funds to make The Rolling Barrage’s first ride in 2017 a reality.

Now retired, he continues to give to this day. He contributes significantly to the organization both financially in person, advocating for veterans, obtaining sponsors, donations and riding with The Rolling Barrage.

You and Your Importance

We understand and greatly appreciate all the things that you do. Which is why we discuss you again and your importance. Without you, as a rider in The Rolling Barrage, there is no ride. Without our Sponsors and Supporters, there is no ride. Without Community and other organizations helping in their involvement and support, there is no ride.

Without you, collectively, there is no ride. You form the largest contributory part of the organization. Riders, Supporters, Sponsors, Provincial Leads, Ride Leads, Tailgunners, Safety Group, Volunteers, Directors, Executives and down to the children waving as you, yes you, and we collectively ride by. Whether physically or in spirit.

Now for the most difficult part. We need to ask of you all those things and to greatly consider Donating, over and above what you already have.

It is a hard ask, considering all you have done to date. If you cannot contribute further, we completely understand. But if you can, donate, even at the expense of a cup of coffee at one of them fancy places, or a dinner.

It all helps whether you do, or cannot at this time. We understand and Thank You.