The Rolling Barrage  – Sponsorship Program

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Community Outreach
  • Extend your marketing into new regions
  • Make a lasting impression
  • Generate leads
  • Draw attention to products and services
  • Extend your brand into Regions and Territories you currently may not operate within

All sponsorship funding is directly invested into the programs, operations, logistics, and administration that The Rolling Barrage manages or supports.


Areas of focus include: 

  • Annual Coast to Coast Ride in Canada
  • Provide funding to other not for profit or charity organizations that help the veteran and first responder community
  • Events at stops that require funding
  • Help defer meal costs for Riders
  • Help defer costs of fuel for Riders
  • Support Vehicle / Trailer
  • Pre-purchase of merchandise for sale
  • Event and Ride Insurances
  • Legal Fees

Social Media and Web Presence 

Annual Events 

  • 19-21 major stops on average during The Rolling Barrage Ride

Community Support 

  • Thousands of supporters across Canada

Web Presence 

  • 18000 unique website visits and growing over a 3-month period


  • 257 followers, 1520 tweets, and growing


  • 1370 followers and growing


  • 6600 followers and growing

You Tube

  • 306 followers and growing

Updated 24 March 2023

The Rolling Barrage – Sponsorship Program

We are a unique organization, so therefore we offer a unique sponsorship program. We have looked at many other models in how Charities and Not For Profit’s provide value in their Sponsorship Partners… that is correct, we are in many ways Partners. 

This translates into, you have Sponsored Us and in return The Rolling Barrage shows a level of appreciation we don’t think is matched. 

We do have tiers and that is only really a factor in how you are positioned on the main Sponsors page. Everything past that; once someone clicks on your logo; is ‘a la carte. 

If after your current Sponsorship period ends and you decide to  sponsor elsewhere, we understand, but we are developing an area “Previous Sponsors.” Your logo will go there as a continual reminder of our appreciation. We believe it is unique, fair and unprecedented in terms of Sponsor Appreciation. 

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Key Sponsorship Benefits

Our Sponsors Page

  • Your Logo and Link to your dedicated page on our site

Your Own Page

  • Logo, Narratives (About you, public relations, marketing piece)
  • Link to your Website
  • Links to all your Social Media
  • Photos
  • Videos (1-2) linked in from your You Tube Channel
  • Posts and Mentions on The Rolling Barrage Facebook Page
  • Blog Posts – (1-2) If you interact with us on the ride your mentions in Blog Posts and Social Media only increase further.
  • If we visit your Location –  Blog Post, – riders take photos and video and share on our Social Media, their own, and your organization can do the same.
  • You visit us during the ride – more of that Web, Social Media sharing happens.
  • Opportunity to distribute your marketing items… pens, patches, etc … during the ride
  • Opportunity to address the ride if you are present at a stop – You have a captive audience. You helped make the ride happen.
  • Host us for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • But Wait.. There’s More – You Are Invited… Ride with Us.. or Dust off that branded truck and trailer sitting in a yard and bring your marketing materials. Do some work, market your brand and company, and enjoy the ride.
  • Think on that.. really think on that. How many thousands of dollars does your company throw at Conventions in one place?
  • You are the Convention, and you are Mobile.

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