The Rolling Barrage – Our Mission

The Rolling Barrage – Our Mission 

Our Mission is to create and maintain a community of support for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), RCMP, First Responders, Safety Community, and Emergency Healthcare Providers, to show strength and unity, and to combat the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Rolling Barrage will raise funds and awareness to support programs and organizations that provide assistance to those who serve our country.

The Rolling Barrage – Our Vision 

To become the largest Canadian coast-to-coast rolling support network, that will increase mental health resilience.

To create a community that allows people to find trust, connection, and understanding.

The Rolling Barrage – Who We Support

Following our restructure in September 2021, The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation uses evidence-based tools, services, activities, and therapies to support all members of the following groups with one or more PTSIs/OSIs.

Active Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members

Since 2017, active members of the CAF have participated in The Rolling Barrage. Active members have been part of the Board of Directors, Executive and Provincial planning groups to make our ride possible.

The Rolling Barrage has active members who also during the ride contribute as members of the Ride Safety Group.

Retired Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members 

Since 2017, retired members have participated in The Rolling Barrage. The Founder, Scott Casey, is a retired CAF Member. Retired members make up a significant portion of our Board of Directors and Executive and supporters of the ride.

Support both internally and externally to The Rolling Barrage from Retired Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members continues to this day

Active Members of the RCMP / GRC

Since 2017, active members have participated in The Rolling Barrage. The RCMP have participated as our lead escort for a significant portion of the ride.

When not riding escort duties, they have joined The Rolling Barrage rank and file. The presence of the RCMP/GRC is always welcomed and appreciated.

Retired Members of the RCMP / GRC

Since 2017, active members have participated in The Rolling Barrage. Our Board of Directors and Executive has a retired member of the RCMP and he acts as Liaison to emergency services across Canada. As The Rolling Barrage grows the presence of Retired Members of the RCMP/GRC as volunteers will be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Active and Retired First Responders

Since 2017, active and retired members of the First Responder community have participated in The Rolling Barrage.

Whether it is the Calgary Fire Department displaying apparatus (vehicles) and flags, to police services such as the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police), Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie Police Services or riders from the Toronto Police Service.

The First Responders, both Active and Retired, are greatly appreciated by The Rolling Barrage for the support and work put in to ensuring our progress across Canada is safe from harm.

Canadian Coast Guard 

A recent addition to The Rolling Barrage is the Canadian Coast Guard.

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG; French: Garde côtière canadienne, GCC) is the coast guard of Canada.

Formed in 1962, the Coast Guard is tasked with marine search and rescue (SAR), communication, navigation, and transportation issues in Canadian waters, such as navigation aids and ice breaking, marine pollution response, and support for other Canadian government initiatives.

The Coast Guard operates 119 vessels of varying sizes and 23 helicopters, along with a variety of smaller craft.

The Canadian Coast Guard is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, and is a special operating agency within Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Department of Fisheries and Oceans).

Active and Retired Canadian Safety Community Members

Since 2017, both active and retired members of the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) and Correctional Services have participated in The Rolling Barrage.

Their respective service and duty across the country are greatly needed and appreciated.

The Rolling Barrage would like to see more members from this valuable community be a part of our organization, be it riding with us, or volunteering.

Active or Retired Emergency Health Care Providers

Since 2017, active and retired doctors and nurses have participated in The Rolling Barrage.

While The Rolling Barrage does have significant participation and ridership from the military medical fields, participation of those within the private and public sector medical professions continues to progress.

While private and public sector medical professionals don’t represent in large numbers on the ride, they are formidable in terms of their growing support to our mission. 

The Rolling Barrage has had several private and public sector EMS (Emergency Medical Services) medical first responders on The Rolling Barrage Ride. 

Across the country various EM Services have escorted and attended The Rolling Barrage events across the country. 

Even though The Rolling Barrage does not act in an advocacy capacity for this valuable group, it is recognized that in Canada, our healthcare system and those who work within it need our support.

For everything that you do, we thank you.