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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

– John F. Kennedy

The Rolling Barrage / The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness of PTSD among Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Veterans and First Responders.

The Members of the Board of Directors have the duty and responsibility to conduct their work in the same manner as any duly established and responsible corporation should conduct themselves. Members of the Board of Directors have multiple duties and responsibilities in the administrative, logistical and operational governance of the organization. Members work on sponsorship, merchandise, routes, insurances, ride safety and all have participated in The Rolling Barrage ride in some measure, starting in 2017.

The Board of Directors, coupled with other internal leadership positions, all present key elements that are focused on elevating the overall posture of The Rolling Barrage annual ride, coast to coast to combat the stigmas often associated with PTSD and other mental health and physical challenges.

Scott Casey – Founder / Director

Road Name – “Bronco” 

At the age of 17 he signed his first Will & Testament as an infantryman with the Royal Canadian Regiment. The next 10 years would provide him with some interesting adventures; some scenic, others harrowing, dangerous and tragic. In 1992, he served as a peacekeeper in Croatia and Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. He was awarded the Commander in Chief’s Unit Commendation for actions while in Sarajevo.

Those times etched a pathway to a life after service which include, becoming the President of Military Minds Inc., dissolved in 2021, it was the worlds largest PTSD peer support organization for combat veterans and first responders of it’s time. Casey is also the founder of The Rolling Barrage. An annual cross Canada motorcycle rally also in support of veterans and first responders living with the effects of trauma.

A published author, Casey penned the biography, Ghostkeepers which enjoyed two #1 awards in Canadian Military History and Historical Biography in Canada. With his knowledge of PTSD, his work as a veterans advocate, and author, he is often called upon for public speaking engagements.

At the age of four, when he threw his leg over his new Keystone 50 minibike, he was irreversibly hooked on two wheeled everything. His personal riding exploits include crossing both Europe and North America numerous times, with a short stint in the amateur superbike world within Germany, having raced at both Hochenheim and Nürburg Rings.

Scott Casey lives in Merritt BC with his spouse, Leslie, where they enjoy riding motorcycles, golf, and sport shooting.

Leslie Atkinson – Co Founder / Director

Road Name: “Lastly”

Leslie is a Director and Co-Founder of The Rolling Barrage. Bringing years of experience from working in executive positions as a member of The United Steelworkers.

She is currently employed as a nationally certified Millwright, aka Industrial Mechanic, employing her trade near Kamloops BC.

Many have learned that her slight stature belies a skilled heavy equipment operator with machines like D10N Bulldozers and 24M motorgraders on her list of qualifications.

Atkinson found the love of riding motorcycles when she was 5 years old when her father took her for rides throughout BC. She’s raised a son and had to hold her dreams of riding till he was of an age; finally purchasing her first motorcycle in 2009, she has been in the wind every chance since. This includes crossing our country twice as a member of The Rolling Barrage’, Full Pull Crew. She will add a third time in Aug of 2023 to her collection, crossing North America to St John’s NL and back.

The Rolling Barrage has been an integral part of her life since before its birth during discussions with her husband and our Founder, Scott. She enjoys golf, cooking fine cuisine, shooting sports and of course all things motorcycles.

James Gordon – Director / Ride Director

Road Name: “Cyber Grump”

James joined the military in 1985. After TQ-3 Battle School (Petawawa) he was then  posted to 2 RCR CFB Gagetown. He was then posted to 3 RCR CFB Winnipeg (August 87) and from there to  3 RCR Baden Söllingen Germany in 1988.

After  the closure of CFB Baden, he was then posted CFB Lahr Germany (Base Security). On closure of CFB Lahr, he was posted to 10/90 Battalion CFB Borden (1994), and then subsequently to 3 RCR in CFB Petawawa.

Tours – NATO –  CFB Baden Soellingen and CFB Lahr. United Nations (UNPROFOR) Roto 0 – Former Yugoslavia and Sarajevo with 3 RCR N- Coy as part of the Royal 22nd Regiment (Vandoo) Battle Group.

Medically released March 1998 from the CAF (shrapnel injury, Sarajevo).

My first time on The Rolling Barrage was in 2018. After my 3 legs in Alberta I went to see a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with PTSD in January 2019.

I’ve been on every The Rolling Barrage since 2018. Full Pull in 2019 as Tail Gunner, 2020 Western Bubble (Covid), and Lead Bike 2021 & 2022.

I joined The Rolling Barrage Board of Directors in 2021 with the goal that if I could help just one person like The Rolling Barrage helped me in 2018, I would be happy.

Warren Cave – Director / Riding Groups 

Road Name – “Nutjob”

Warren started to see posts from his old RCR Buddy Scott Casey in 2016 about some far fetched idea to start a Coast to Coast motorcycle ride. At the time Warren didn’t even have a bike but the more he saw, the more he knew he needed to be part of it.

After finding the same Make, Model & Year bike he last owned, a 1987 Honda CBR 1000 Hurricane he joined the inaugural run from Lloydminster Ab to Kamloops BC and rode an ever increasing distance each year culminating in back to back Full Pulls in 2021 & 2022 in the role of Deputy Lead Bike.

A Veteran of The Royal Canadian Regiment, Warren remustered to Vehicle Technician in 1993 after a tour in the war torn Former Yugoslavia with UNPROFOR. 3 more tours of Bosnia were in Warren’s future, Velika Kladusa, Zgon and Glamoc.
Postings included;
-3 RCR Winnipeg 1986.
-3 RCR  Baden Germany. 1988
-2 RCR Gagetown 1991
-Canadian School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 1993.
-1 Service Battalion Calgary 1993.
-1 Service Battalion Edmonton 1996.
-1 Combat Engineer Regiment 1998.
-1 Service Battalion Edmonton 2002.
-Lord Strathcona Horse (Royal Canadians) 2006.
-1 Service Battalion Edmonton 2009

Highlights of Warren’s military career;
1- Prep and deploy to Afghanistan with B Squadron LdSH(RC) in the first deployment of Canadian tanks since the Korean War as the Maintenance Sergeant 2006.
2- Deploy to Afghanistan with A Squadron LdSH(RC) Maintenance Sergeant with Leopard 2 tanks 2008.
3- Commander’s Commendation  – Camp Julien in Kabul Afghanistan.
4- Commander’s Commendation for prep, deploy and maint of the aging of Leopard 1 Tanks in 2006-07.

To quote Warren “Leading Troops on Operations in Afghanistan was the honour of my life. Misery loves good company and I was among the best in the world”.

In 2011 Warren retired from the CAF and works as a Maint Supervisor, Light Vehicle Shop in Fort McMurray.

He accepted a position on The Rolling Barrage Board of Directors in November 2022 and has committed to a 3rd Full Pull in 2023.

Carola Singer – Director / Treasurer 

Road Name – “Blitzkrieg”

Carola started to volunteer with The Rolling Barrage beginning of 2019 as the Okotoks organizer. She graduated as the Alberta Lead in 2022. She participated in the ride from 2019 to the present either as a passenger or as a rider.

She is the spouse of a Canadian Forces Veteran and retired Calgary Firefighter who served in those capacities for 35 years.

Carola understands the impact of PTSD from a family member’s perspective. She is honored and loves her brothers and sisters who adopted her into The Rolling Barrage and feels immense gratitude for what The Rolling Barrage has provided for her family and so many others.

In her “spare” time outside of The Rolling Barrage she works full-time as a mortgage broker, rides her bike and tries her best at golf.

Elected as the Treasurer for The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation in November 2023, she is currently serving as a Director on the Board of The Rolling Barrage and is looking forward to working with the other Directors and the CEO, to help more veterans and first responders and their families.

People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But People will never forget how you made them feel.
~Maya Angelou~

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