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The Rolling Barrage – Blog

The Rolling Barrage website offers a fairly extensive array of resources and news for visitors. We have three blogs.

Our first blog is The Rolling Barrage – Blog. It is really a general blog that has a wider spectrum focus on The Rolling Barrage activities on a year round basis. The articles within range from notifications on The Rolling Barrage merchandise, Sponsors, Supporters, to topics of interest within the military and first responder riding community. There is a little bit of everything in this particular blog.

The Full Pull – Blog

Our second blog is called “The Full Pull.” While the blog is named after a select group of riders who have since 2017 taken on the challenge of riding coast to coast, the blog is not solely focused on them.

A lot of riders experience a part of “The Full Pull” experience in how they participate in the ride. It has promoted in ways others in later rides with The Rolling Barrage to do “The Full Pull.”

Contributions to this blog focus on the annual event with news updates on hotels, routes as well as experiences of the riders as they progress across Canada coast to coast.

Not Silent – Blog

The third blog we have is called the “Not Silent” blog. The blogs focus in on mental and physical health, the challenges and some insight on those challenges from those that live with them.

The blog will provide experiences of those who face these challenges often on a daily basis. There may be times when the opportunity arises to have medical and mental health professionals guest write on the blog.

Posts will cross a wide spectrum of our readership from active military and veterans, to those within the First Responder community and, of course, our own ridership.


The Rolling Barrage – Testimonies page is an area of our website where riders and participants alike have contributed their experiences while on The Rolling Barrage.

For many it is an emotional journey that encompasses periods of joy, being alive, surrounded by friends, maybe even family to potentially reflection and possibly periods of sadness and sorrow.

Built into The Rolling Barrage is a significant supporting structure of other riders. Currently serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces, Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services and others within the First Responder Community.

We listen first and foremost and provide what help, thoughts and advice we can as most have the same experiences and challenges as you may be experiencing. We are not experts in mental health but many have extensive experience in mitigating their own mental health challenges. We can “talk the talk, as many have walked the walk” 

In Memory

The Rolling Barrage – In Memory page is where we recognize the service and sacrifice of Canadian military past and present and the greater First Responder community. 

They are represented by official National Monuments, Cemeteries, and Memorials. Within the page are photographs, narratives, and links for research and education purposes on specific monuments, cemeteries, and memorials noted directly on the page.

Silver Cross Mothers

The Rolling Barrage – Silver Cross Mothers page is in recognition of the Silver Cross Mothers who are recipients of the Memorial Cross due to the loss of a son or daughter in the course of their duty in Canada or abroad.

On the Silver Cross Mothers page is narratives on the history of the Memorial Cross, the current Silver Cross Mother in Canada appointed by the Royal Canadian Legion with links for further education and research.

Also present is The Rolling Barrage’s own Silver Cross Mothers Banner and information relating to our efforts to raise awareness about Silver Cross Mothers.

There are thousands, in all likelihood 10’s of thousands of recipients of the Memorial Cross since Order-in-Council 2374, dated December 1, 1919.