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The Rolling Barrage maintains an Executive in support of the efforts of The Rolling Barrage and the Board of Directors.

The CEO / Chief Executive Officer has duties and responsibilities on many fronts. The primary duties are to advise the Board of Directors on mission, vision, administrative, logistical, operational, compliance, and governance matters.

The CEO is not part of the Board of Directors nor has a vote on final decision matters where a vote is required to maintain transparency.

The remainder of the Executive consists of a COO – Chief Operations Officer, Vetting Team, Police Liaison, Fire Liaison, Merchandise, and Auction Co-ordinator.

All key and necessary elements as The Rolling Barrage expands in growth. They are mission-critical to the organization.

Christian Carter – CEO / Chief Executive Officer 

Road Name – “Opie”

Christian has volunteered with The Rolling Barrage since its inception in 2017. Working as the Ontario Lead from 2017 – 2020. In 2021, he participated in The Rolling Barrage by providing transport in Ontario to Marcie Erick of Quilts for Valour (Canada) to present quilts to deserving Veterans.

After The Rolling Barrage 2020, he decided to focus on education studies in Emergency Management at George Brown College and Enterprise Security Management at Sir Wilfred Laurier – Department of Public Safety.

He is a veteran of the CAF having served in all 3 regular force battalions of the Royal Canadian Regiment with a tour in Germany (NATO) and UNPROFOR – Roto 0 in the former Yugoslavia.

On retirement from the service, he has worked in Commercial Property Management in senior security management roles, primarily multi-tenant, office tower complexes in the downtown core of Toronto.

He has been a member of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) while employed at Avison Young (Canada) as Manager of Risk (Physical Security) and Corporate Security. He is also a 20 year member of ASIS International, a global security management organization, and has served on the ASIS Toronto Chapter – Executive in various capacities over a 5 year period. He maintains credentials and certifications in Security Enterprise Management, Emergency Management, Life and Fire Safety, and Health and Safety. He now works as the Operations Manager in a private security firm in the Greater Toronto Area.

Selected as the CEO by the Board of Directors for The Rolling Barrage in November 2022, he assists in the governance of the organization with the Board of Directors and the Executive. His position in The Rolling Barrage is unique in that he reports to the Board of Directors but also the Board of Directors works with him in driving change for organizational growth on many levels.

He has also helped Renos for Heroes and Hits for Heroes charities in their efforts. He looks forward to his tenure as CEO, meeting as many volunteers, communities, supporters, riders, and sponsors during The Rolling Barrage. He is supported in his efforts by an ever tolerant spouse, Sue. In his spare time, he likes to watch movies, read, and spend time with family and close friends.

Mark Goldade – COO / Chief Operating Officer 

Road Name – “Gator” 

Master Corporal Mark Edwin Goldade’s remarkable career in the Canadian Forces is a testament to his unwavering commitment, exceptional skills, and dedication to serving both his country and his community. Born on October 25, 1972, Mark’s career in the Canadian Forces began with his enlistment in Winnipeg, MB in December 2009. He completed basic training in Borden in the spring of 2010 and continued to his occupational trades training in Cornwall during the summer of the same year. After learning the fundamentals of military service, Mark was posted to 21 Squadron in North Bay, Ontario, where he specialized in Tactical Data Link, a role that would set the stage for his future accomplishments.

Mark’s dedication and rapid progress in his military career were evident when he was advance promoted to Corporal on April 9, 2013, reflecting his early achievements and potential within the Canadian Forces. Following his time at 21 Squadron, he was posted to 51 OT&E Sqn in November 2013, where he served as a tactical data link instructor and gained expertise in space operations. His contributions included the development of the TDL100 course for DLN, which was adopted CAF-wide, demonstrating his commitment to enhancing the capabilities of the Canadian Armed Forces.

One of the more memorable moments in his military journey was his participation in RIMPAC 2014, where he served as a tactical data link operator at the 613 AOC at Hickam AFB in Hawaii. This multinational joint exercise allowed him to work closely with personnel from various nations, showcasing his professionalism, teamwork, and adaptability in a complex operational environment.

In 2015, Mark’s military service took him to the Middle East as part of Operation Impact. Stationed at Ahmed Al Jaber (AJAB), he served as a tactical data link operator during ROTO2 of Air Task Force Iraq. His dedication extended beyond military expertise as he successfully completed the USMC Combat Lifesaver Course during his deployment, emphasizing his commitment to the well-being and safety of his fellow service members.

In 2016, after his return from Operation Impact, Mark was tasked to Maple Flag in Cold Lake, where he served as a member of the Wing Auxiliary Security Force (WASF) team and took on the role of a crew supervisor, further showcasing his leadership capabilities.

Mark was promoted shortly after to Master Corporal on June 30, 2017, in North Bay, Ontario. This promotion marked another milestone in his career, highlighting his dedication and leadership.

His next posting led him to Clear Air Force Station in Alaska in July 2017, where he assumed the role of a Crew Chief responsible for the Early Warning Radar. His ability to adapt to different roles demonstrated his versatility and his capacity to excel in various aspects of military service.

In the following year, he was posted to Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, where he served as a Missile Warning Duty Operator at the Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) within the 614 AOC. His commitment to excellence extended to the establishment of the Coalition Integration Office at 614 AOC, where he played a key role in integrating Section31 web-based applications on the SIPR/REL platform for all coalition space force members. His exceptional contributions in this role were recognized with the Deputy Commander of NORAD Award of Excellence.

In 2021, Mark’s journey led him to 1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD), where he served as a Senior Operational Duty Tech at the Air Operations Centre (AOC). Mark’s dedication extended to the development of a web-based application that is now in use at multiple AOCs and commands across Canada. His work significantly improved real-time tracking and data processing, enhancing the efficiency of various operations.

One of the remarkable achievements in his career was the identification of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, showcasing his exceptional analytical and strategic thinking. Mark played a pivotal role in the grounding of a Russian registered aircraft at Yellowknife in February of 2022. His keen insights and rapid responses were crucial in addressing this complex situation, highlighting his contributions to global security.

As of January 2023, Mark has been posted to the CAF Transition Center as part of his final posting before his medical release, marking the transition from a remarkable military career to new horizons. He is set to retire from the Canadian Forces and will continue serving Winnipeg in a new capacity, leveraging his skills as a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker Preferred Real Estate, where he donates a portion of his commission to Homes for Heroes.

Beyond his military career, Mark is an avid scuba diver, holding numerous certifications through PADI and amassing over 100 hours of bottom time. His passion for diving reflects his adventurous spirit and love for exploring the underwater world.

Additionally, prior to joining the Canadian Forces, Mark worked as a parachute instructor with the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS), where he completed over 600 parachute descents. His early experiences as a parachute instructor enriched his skills and contributed to his development as a well-rounded military professional.

Throughout his career, Mark has been a dedicated home brewer for many years, channeling his creativity into crafting unique brews. In November, he achieved a significant milestone by releasing his first commercially brewed beer in collaboration with One Great City Brewery, aptly named “Home is where the Heart is.” This beer is sold with profits benefiting Homes for Heroes, reflecting his commitment to supporting meaningful causes.

Mark’s personal life is marked by his family, as he has one daughter who is married and resides in Carnduff, Saskatchewan, with her husband and three children. He shares his life with his fiancee, Leeona, here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In addition to his military career, Mark proudly serves as the Manitoba president for UN/NATO Veterans, further exemplifying his commitment to serving his community and fellow veterans.

As of September 2023, Mark has accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer for The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation, a role that aligns with his passion for motorcycles and his dedication to supporting veterans. His involvement with the foundation reflects his ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those who have served their country.

Master Corporal Mark Edwin Goldade’s military career is a testament to his dedication, unwavering commitment, and significant contributions. His journey in the Canadian Forces has been marked by several promotions, achievements, and continuous growth, highlighting his outstanding service and leadership. As he embarks on his well-deserved retirement, his legacy of excellence and dedication will continue to inspire future generations within the Canadian Forces.

Ken Kennedy – The Rolling Barrage – Vetting Team 

In 1987, Ken began his military career with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Primary Reserves, West Nova Scotia Regiment. He later transferred to the Regular Force in 1994 as a Vehicle Technician with the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers.

In 2001, he remustered to the Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE) as a Refrigeration Mechanical Technician. Currently, in his 37th year of service, Ken serves as a Construction Engineering Superintendent with the RCE.

Throughout his career, Ken has deployed on numerous tours overseas. He has served in the Golan Heights, Bosnia Herzegovina, Afghanistan twice, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Iraq, and Romania. He is looking forward to one last tour with his son before retiring from the CAF in 2026.

Ken and his wife have a blended family, with four grown children. Ken, an avid motorcycle enthusiast, discovered The Rolling Barrage in 2021 and joined them for a day, sparking a lasting passion.

Since then, he has taken part in the event annually, gradually increasing his participation from one day to six days in 2023. In the summer of 2024, Ken and his wife eagerly anticipate completing the full pull ride, coinciding with their honeymoon celebration.

“Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.”Simon Sinek

Jenn Kennedy – The Rolling Barrage – Vetting Team 

Jennifer is the proud wife of a Canadian Forces Veteran who is in his 37th year of service. She is a mother of two grown children as well as two grown stepchildren.

When not on the motorcycle, she enjoys quilting in her spare time. Jennifer works as a Small Business Advisor for a Canadian bank.

She first became aware of The Rolling Barrage in 2021 when her husband went for a day ride with them. Since then, they have enjoyed all the days spent with the group. This year, they are coinciding their honeymoon with The Full Pull ride.

Jennifer started volunteering in 2024 to be more involved and help bring awareness to this group and its cause.

Andrew Dolman  / Police Liaison 

Road Name – “Road King”

I was born and raised in Regina, SK (Go Riders). In 1993 I signed on the line and joined the Canadian Army Reserve, 10 FD Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery, in Regina. I completed 7 years and left the Army as a Sergeant and I was accepted into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

On graduating RCMP Depot in the summer of 2000, I was posted to F Division (Saskatchewan), in the town of Canora. I moved around F Division, finally ending up in Broadview, Saskatchewan, where I am currently posted in Traffic Services as a Team Leader/Supervisor (Corporal).

During my RCMP service, I have been able to continue my affiliation with the Canadian Armed Forces through the Cadet program as a Cadet Instructor.

I learned of the Rolling Barrage during their inaugural run in 2017. I was able to meet them, while on duty, as they entered Saskatchewan and I was able to assist them, in a limited capacity, as they moved through my patrol area.

As a recently trained Police Motorcycle Officer, in 2018 I was able to assist The Rolling Barrage along with a couple other riders, by escorting them at least partway across the Province.

By 2019, the whole F Division Motorcycle team, along with several Municipal Motorcycle units, got permission to become involved in escorting the Rolling Barrage from border to border. I have had the opportunity to ride with The Rolling Barrage both as an escort or as a participant for every year, except in 2022 when I had to sit out due to a broken leg!

I have joined the ride from Manitoba through to BC and recently rode with them in Nova Scotia in 2023.

In anticipation of retiring in the summer of 2024, I have been given the opportunity to take over the position of Police Liaison from my former colleague Mark Doratti. I have known and worked with Mark both while he was in the RCMP and during his time in The Rolling Barrage. I look forward to my turn assisting the Rolling Barrage and working with all our partner Police agencies in 2024, and beyond, to keep all our riders and escorts safe as they traverse this awesome country, year after year.

To all our escort partners, Thank You for your Service to our communities and for your ongoing support of The Rolling Barrage.

Be safe.

Jason Graham / Fire Liaison 

I started with The Rolling Barrage in early 2023. I had recently retired from the Calgary Fire Department as a District Chief after a 27 year career and was looking for an opportunity to help the members of the first responder and military communities. I wanted to do this to honour the memory and the struggle of my colleagues, those that were ultimately overcome by PTSD and those that continue to fight.

It was through a conversation with Shawn and Carola Singer, both very much involved in TRB as well as Shawn being a Calgary Fire Dept. colleague, that I came to be part of the TRB team. There are those in this organization who have forgotten more about motorcycles and riding than I will ever know. I had not ridden with more than one other person prior to riding two legs of the 2023 cross-country event. Being part of over 100 riders going down the highway then spending the evening together in camaraderie is a powerful thing.

I enjoy my role as the Fire Liaison. I get to have conversations with fire and EMS people from across the country. By informing them of our organization and the cross-country ride, and requesting their support and involvement, I feel that I’m helping to remove any remaining stigma around PTSD. Most importantly, I hope that I’m bringing more riders to each leg who will see that they are not alone and helpless in whatever struggle they have.

Since retiring from the Calgary Fire Department, my wife and I now live in the beautiful Okanagan, B.C. From our home near Vernon, we enjoy finding new trails to hike, areas to explore, and roads to ride.

Theresa Traverse / Merchandise Rep

Road Name – “Starlight”

Theresa became aware of The Rolling Barrage in 2019 when Warren had mentioned that he was doing a motorcycle trip to bring awareness of PTSD. I joined the ride in 2021, 2022 in Winnipeg and completed the Full Pull in 2023.

Theresa joined the military in 1990 as a Med Tech and in 2010 she completed the Physician Assistant course with a BSc from the University of Nebraska. She retired in 2021 with just over 30yrs of service completed.

During her service she completed 6 tours; Bosnia 1997, 2002-2003, Kosovo 1999, Kabul 2004, Ukraine 2017, CF Alert 2020. She also completed Op Nanook in Rankin Inlet 2016, and multiple OP Lentus to BC for the fires and flood.

She spent most of her career on the Western part of Canada Calgary, Edmonton, and Wainwright. Then she had the opportunity to be posted to CFB Gander which was home for her.

The highlights of her career was being company medic for B Coy, 1 PPCLI and deploying with them on multiple occasions.

Also, she was honoured to been given the opportunity to be a physician assistant with LDSH and deployed to Ukraine with LDSH and 1 CER EOD.
She was honoured to provide support and care to each unit and base in which she worked.

Now that she has been retired since 2021, she continues to work as a Physician Assistant at CAFHS Edmonton as a contractor.

In 2023 she volunteered to be the Merch Rep as she wanted to become more involved and help the organization.

Leeona Bond – The Rolling Barrage – Online Auction Co-ordinator

My first exposure to The Rolling Barrage was in 2021, when I rode with the group from Thunder Bay to Saskatoon. I was immediately impressed by the welcoming, accepting, and supportive nature of the group (yes – even grumpy Jim!).

I knew without a doubt that I’d be joining the ride again the next year, and was excited to help contribute to the cause as the Online Auction Coordinator beginning in 2022.

I am not military myself – unable to join for medical reasons. However, in 2008 I was lucky to find a civilian support position in the CAF at 17 Wing Winnipeg with PSP. Those who might remember the PERI trade from back in the day– I’m the civilian version.

In 15 years with PSP, including short assignments at bases across Canada and the USA, I’ve built many strong friendships with active and retired military members, and have developed a deep respect and admiration for what they do, and all they have given and continue to give. Its my honour to give back in any way I can, and being part of The Rolling Barrage helps me do that.

I live in Winnipeg with my partner (military veteran & The Rolling Barrage COO) Mark, where we like to get out and enjoy the short riding season whenever we can.

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