The Rolling Barrage – Video 

The Rolling Barrage – Media & Videos

The Rolling Barrage as an event has been documented in video by professionals and amateurs alike. The videos you will experience here of “The Ride” are a mix of news network interviews, personal recollections of a riders experiences on The Rolling Barrage and professional video sequences. A few years back several planners and riders who take part in The Rolling Barrage were asked to support a video by Canadian Country Music artist Julian Austin.

The Rolling Barrage, Military and First Responder community, both active and retired heeded the call and the result is a great song called “Unsung Heroes.”

It is the first video here on the page. The song tells all our collective stories in verse. So hit the play button, turn it up Loud, and be Proud.

Julian.. hit it brother.

The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023. We are well into our planning for “The Ride.” When videos become available associated with 2023’s ride we will bring select videos to you here. So stay tuned.

The Rolling Barrage VI – 2022. This area will be dedicated to videos from pro’s and amateurs alike. Enjoy the videos and as with all social media, sharing, subscribing is appreciated by content creators.

And… Action!