The Rolling Barrage – Supporting Sponsors

The Rolling Barrage Supporting Sponsors are localized to Provinces and stops during The Rolling Barrage annual coast to coast ride across Canada. Businesses and organizations such as Royal Canadian Legions, restaurants and many other business types can collectively contribute as a community and make a significant difference in The Rolling Barrage and in turn our Mission and our Donee’s.

Supporting Sponsors donate in the $500 – $4000.00 range. Collectively, they make a significant difference that can extend beyond the local community that their businesses operate within.

The Rolling Barrage recognizes these contributions and we believe in the manner we have designed the Supporting Sponsors page with representation on a logo and multiple links to Website and Social Media are value adds not common in the Not For Profit and Charity sphere.

Organizational or company logos have been added with links to their primary website, as well as social media links available.

Click on the links to visit our Supporting Sponsors and their social media pages. Visitors, friends, and those who participate in The Rolling Barrage are encouraged to engage with all our sponsors.

Thank You

If you would like to be a Supporting Sponsor for The Rolling Barrage, please Contact Us.

Please Note that The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage does not issue tax receipts. We are a Not For Profit organization.