The Rolling Barrage - Media

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation as the umbrella organization to our primary event, The Rolling Barrage, has been challenged with respect to how media is portrayed and exibited since 2017.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation is executing a massive shift in our media exposore on all levels through the combined vision of the Board of Directors with Scott Casey as Founder of The Rolling Barrage and Christian Carter as CEO of the Executive which has members of the Board of Directors in key positions.

The compass really points in all directions. We have collected a massive catalogue of photographs, videos, news articles, stories, and pod-casts. Over time, in this strategic and structured shift our website will be the cornerstone of how we continue to develop our organization in all aspects and provide measured success in our mission objectives.

Our Website

The Rolling Barrage has had a web presence since 2017. Over the years it has transitioned on numerous occasions. It changed to its own entity when The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation parted from Military Minds. At that juncture it was a quick transition and the website was built out in a manner that had heavy focus on mental health and recovery.

That is a good thing but also limiting in ways to promote and engage in the many important aspects of public perception of the organization as a whole.

The CEO in concert with the Board of Directors decided on a significant shift in presentation. There was superlative narrative on the previous website that has been transitioned to what you see now; however delivered more in editorial form than long form.

Images were also added to bring a more visual relation to the narrative.

So the development continues and will continue to develop. Truthfully, it can’t stop. There must be continual development.

Blog and News

Our Blog and News area was one of the first areas of the website to change aside from general design and layout of the website. 

Several postings were derived from archival posts from our Facebook presence and with some added narrative, content was being added, and will continue to be added. 

The website now has a secondary blog called “The Full Pull” and it is more event driven, being The Rolling Barrage itself. There may be some similiarities to our other Blog; but the focus is really “The Ride” itself. Look at our normal blog much like a newspaper, and the “The Full Pull” like a niche magazine within the newspaper concept. 

When you think on it; with the 7th years ride approaching and onward to our 10th milestone anniversary there could be well over 100+ stories to read historically about The Rolling Barrage. 

Social Media

Social Media is very important. If an organization such as ours is not on it, or doesn’t embrace it’s power in some way; you are done. But it cannot be in the drivers seat. The rationale is; social media platforms have come and gone but the real “motorcycle” on the race track is the website.

Social Media really should be the “pit crew” ensuring that the websites “motorcycle” has what it needs to stay in the race. The website needs regular maintenance, fuel, change of tires, upgrades for better performance, strategy to continue the race and win.

It needs sponsors, supporters and fans. A race means little if there is no crowd. Our race really is our Mission and stated goals. Our race is to make a difference in people’s lives, to live.

Our Social Media development will continue with general and strategic posts that engage the audience to come to the website and watch the “race” as it were unfold. 

Mainstream Media

Riders within The Rolling Barrage have been interviewed by mainstream media across Canada. Name a network, we have been on it and mentioned in some capacity.

Sometimes in a short “news spots” as a fill in segment to “docu-news” stories. Television, Print, Radio and Podcasts; we have been on them all and will contine to be on them.

Scott Casey (Founder) of The Rolling Barrage has been interviewed by some of the most notable newscasters and journalists in Canada.

If you are a member of mainstream news media or independant news media; we would be more than happy to accommodate interviews. Just reach out to us via our Contact page on the website.


Podcasts are extremely popular form of reaching out to a captivated audience. The more dynamic the interviewer, engaging in both their audience and their guests the better the podcast.

Scott Casey (Founder) of The Rolling Barrage has been interviewed on several occasions as have others within The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation.

We will continue to support this medium and method of reaching out to our audience but also supporting Podcasters that want to expand on their subject matter and audience. Several podcasters are former military and emergency responders and we would love to be on your show.

Reach out to us on our Contact page and we will be happy to speak with you and we hope eventually your audience and ours.

Images and Video

The Rolling Barrage has a vast library of images of video. It really tells the story of The Rolling Barrage as a ride, those that ride with us and what we are as an organization. 

As the website continues in its development the use of imagery and video to compliment our ongoing story as an organization will continue. 

Check out our sub-menu under Media to continue to explore our website and learn more about us. We hope you enjoy what we provided and will provide in the future.