Our Approach to the COVID 19 Pandemic 


The directors, executives, and planning team for TRB 2021 are fully cognizant of the hardships facing Canadians, during the COVID 19 crisis.  We would not want anyone doing anything for us that would further jeopardize their personal safety, their ability to continue serving our members, Canadian communities, or you. 


To do this we actively track and abide by the pandemic restrictions, as set by each province and region.  Further, we have established five course of action plans (COAs) to contend with various restriction potentials. 


In the summer of 2020, we held a successful event that was reduced to the interprovincial bubbles and had zero instances of anyone acquiring or transmitting COVID 19; our protocols allowed us to raise on average $100 net per registered rider (approx $33,000). 


The health and wellness of our participants and the communities we pass through is a primary focus of ours. 


COVID COA Decision Dates 


We have watched restrictions increase, relax, and repeat.  Please monitor our Updates page <LINK> for our current status and contact us for specific details of our COAs. 


Full Pull Decision Date: 02 Jul 2021  

Bubble Decision Date: 14 Jul 2021