Big Freight Systems is one of The Rolling Barrage’s key sponsors. The first 7 motorcycles were loaded up at Barnes Harley Davidson Victoria. They crated them all for free.

Outstanding Barnes Harley Davidson Victoria. Thank you for helping out local Rolling Barrage riders. It is greatly appreciated.

The Rolling Barrage has added a photo-gallery specific to Big Freight Systems and the first group of photos from the 7 motorcycles being loaded in Victoria are already there. Check out our Photo Gallery.

Nigel is the driver of this beautiful truck and trailer and we are positive it is going to make quite the impression on highways and stops on his way to Newfoundland. We predict it is probably going to be one of the most photographed truck and trailer as it commences its journey.

Nigel’s next stop is in Kamloops. We are sure there will be more pictures taken. They will be added to the Photo Gallery as well.

The Rolling Barrage greatly appreciates all the hard work that Big Freight Systems has done to make a dream become a reality. Show them some of that Rolling Barrage love by hitting up their Facebook Page and liking their page, maybe even leaving a comment.

As a rider, do you want to have something to do this August 2023, consider coming out for a few hours, few days or longer.

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