We realize that the primary Route Information Guide – Version 5.0 (Final) is quite a large PDF and provided more so to relay information about the ride from coast to coast.

We have added to the Route Information page on the website individual PDF’s for each day of the ride across the country.

There are many riders / passengers / supporters that don’t require the entire coast to coast – Route Information Guide, as they may not be doing The Full Pull, so providing individual days in PDF format helps.

  • The Daily Route Guides are available in both English and French
  • Each Day has a specific PDF file
  • There is sufficient space between files to allow easier user interaction to download a file
  • Each Day is about 2-3 pages on average
  • Each Day has the exact same route / ride information as the primary Route Information Guide – Version 5.0 (Final)
  • When you click (on computer) or press (on smartphone) the file will download and open up.
  • The web links within the Day Guides are the same
  • Ensure you have a PDF reader on your device such as Adobe Reader.
  • For mobile devices, such as Apple IOS, Android or Windows OS visit their respective App Stores to download.

The Daily Route Guides will be available during the entire ride. So riders / passengers / supporters can refer to them daily if need be.


  • Online Registration will be available during the entire ride
  • Registration is required in order to satisfy insurance requirements
  • Please keep your email receipts as it helps process Check In quicker
  • If a Rider shows up having not registered, you will be required to Register Online
  • Registering before actually Checking In allows Service, Support and Operations volunteers to update locations where the ride Refuels, Meal arrangements and First Responder – Escort Services