Dinner for a Dog is an event being held to raise funds for a local Veteran Soldier to take ownership of a PTSD service dog. This dog will be trained professionally and assist a local Veteran in elevating their quality of life and coping with PTSD.

Many things that we take for granted are often not present with those challenged by PTSD, such as getting out in the community, the necessities like banking, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments and even socializing. The ability to achieve these errands are easy and taken for granted by most, but many, especially local Veterans can find them difficult.

The cost of a service dog is approximately $20k+. This amount is not covered by the Veteran Affairs of Canada. Unfortunately, veterans are obligated to cover the cost themselves. For as many that have a service dog and find progress in their lives, there are many in need and that is what Dinner for a Dog is all about.

The Rolling PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage is helping support this initiative by attending. Those that have supported us are well known to rally and support initiatives like ours and many others across Canada. Dinner for a Dog needs that help and support you have provided so graciously in the past, present and in this case, for a Veterans future. Please read on.

Details are in the poster. You can buy tickets to the event, sponsor a table and if you are unable to attend can Donate by using the QR Code on your mobile device. There is no obligation to any set amount in your donation. You give what you can afford. If many give, the end result is a veteran will eventually have a support dog. It all counts, it all matters.

Attending this event and providing entertainment is Canadian country singer Julian Austin. Julian is a huge supporter of veteran and first responder causes and has entertained troops abroad in Afghanistan as well as audiences across Canada. But he has also done something else, few entertainers have done. That is, address veterans and first responders in the mental health and physical challenges that come with service, such as PTSD. It is a song called Unsung Heroes.

Great song and as you can see, Julian Austin, and the Veteran, First Responder and Rider Community came together to bring that message forward.

To Sponsor, get Tickets, or Donate to the Dinner for a Dog event please click that link. You can see the progress being made, but more is needed.

Thank you all sincerely,

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage