The Rolling Barrage – 2023 – Dates and Stops

The Rolling Barrage for 2023 will be our 7th year. How time flies. Just seems like yesterday, many of us were on the inaugural ride. A lot of places and a lot of kilometers / miles have passed since then. Jim Gordon our mapping and route planner extraordinaire has carefully studied the geography of Canada, end to end. With some lucky darts thrown on the planning board; voila! We have our stops for 2023.

One of the big stories of course is our return to Newfoundland! “Ah yes bye.. stay where yer at, cause we’re coming where ya to.” Ok, that was a poor attempt at the local dialect and may have taken on a bit of cultural appropriation there. For that, I’ll kiss the Cod twice then to make up for it.

So what do we have on the go.

Tuesday August 1st 2023 – St. Johns NL – Gander NL – Year 1 of The Rolling Barrage started in Newfoundland and we are back… wow.. can only imagine the night before at the gathering of riders. Moderation folks, there is a ride to be had.

Wednesday August 2nd 2023 – Gander NL – North Sydney NS – there is a song; Farewell to Nova Scotia but is there one “Welcome to Nova Scotia?” I must research.

Thursday August 3rd 2023 – North Sydney NS – Aulds Cove NS – this is a scenic ride for sure. Nova Scotia is great riding country.

Friday August 4th 2023 – Aulds Cove NS – Halifax NS – Halifax from TRB years 2 through 6 have started here, we expect a lot of local Nova Scotia riders to join in at this point as well.

Saturday August 5th 2023 – Halifax NS – Charlottetown PEI – home to red sandy beaches, seafood, potatoes, Confederation Bridge, and more awesome riders.

Sunday August 6th 2023 – Charlottetown PEI – Oromocto NB – rolling into our 4th province on the ride. Oromocto NB is home to many riders past and present as its next to the home of CFB Gagetown.

Monday August 7th 2023 – Oromocto NB – Montmagny QC – “Je me souviens” I could add more French, but sadly what I know shouldn’t be published. But I do know they love to party in Quebec!

Tuesday August 8th 2023 – Montmagny QC – Kingston ON – Some say Ontario is the center of the universe, or the universe began in Ontario. With Kingston as the first stop of five stops in the province you may be saying something different. “Hey be nice!”

Wednesday August 9th 2023 – Kingston ON – Petawawa ON – This will for many riders be another home away from home. CFB Petawawa is co-located to Petawawa ON and brings back solid memories for many.

Thursday August 10th 2023 – Petawawa ON – Sault Ste. Marie ON – The ride is now venturing into Ontario’s northland.. lots of lakes, lots of trees, lots of trees, interspersed with some great communities in between. Ends at the Water Town Inn; a solid supporter of The Rolling Barrage since 2017.

Friday August 11th 2023 – Sault Ste. Marie ON – Thunder Bay ON – Wait! Is that the ocean on our left? No that is Lake Superior. Largest freshwater lake in the world. The SS Edmund Fitzgerald sunk in Lake Superior but lives on with Gordon Lightfoot’s song about the tragedy. Thunder Bay is also home to the Terry Fox Monument and The Rolling Barrage has visited it every year since 2017 to reflect and pay respects.

Saturday August 12th 2023 – Thunder Bay ON – Dryden ON – Dryden is the final Ontario stop. Ontario represents close to 1/3 of the overall ride.

Sunday August 13th 2023 – Dryden ON – Neepawa MB – Apparently Neepawa MB is the flower Lily capital of the world. Maybe this is the point the riders just relax a bit and smell the flowers.

Monday August 14th 2023 – Neepawa MB – Saskatoon SK – “I met a strange lady.. she made me nervous…she took me in and gave me breakfast.” For some reason that song came into my head when I wrote out Saskatoon. Not sure why… Great province, city, great people!

Tuesday August 15th 2023 – Saskatoon SK – Medicine Hat AB – The ride must go on; as we sadly depart the expanse of Saskatchewan and head into Texas.. I mean Alberta. Alberta is a monster in terms of support for The Rolling Barrage. Ridership increases historically in the west and Alberta does not disappoint. Plus they can throw a party.

Wednesday August 16th 2023 – Medicine Hat AB – Okotoks AB – What can be said about Okotoks that has not already been said. Huge… mega support for The Rolling Barrage. Calgary Fire Department, police, medical EMS, flags lining streets, people on bridges and streets waving. If you have not felt the love by then, you will in Okotoks AB.

Thursday August 17th 2023 – Okotoks AB – Cranbrook BC – We are now in beautiful British Columbia. Certainly one of many highlights of the ride. Lakes, rivers, valleys, and oh yeah, mountains. Lots and lots of mountains.

Friday August 18th 2023 – Cranbrook BC – Kelowna BC – More spectacular riding in British Columbia. Some full pull riders have rode from BC all the way to the East Coast and are returning to their home province. A long but fantastic riding experience.

Saturday August 19th 2023 – Kelowna BC – Vancouver BC – The final leg. The tire dip in the Pacific for Full Pull riders as a tradition and a party like its nobody’s business. I am sure Scott Casey (Founder) of The Rolling Barrage has something special up his Rolling Barrage shirt sleeve on this final stop. But you have to be there to experience it.

Whew.. what a post. So that is the breakdown of The Rolling Barrage 2023. Our 7th Year! We look forward to seeing all of you no matter where you start or end on this ride. But it doesn’t really end? As you will have memories to carry you forward.