The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 is just 50 days away from Kick Stands Up in Newfoundland. This post serves as a reminder if you have not reserved / booked your hotel rooms and if you require them, please do so as soon as possible.

It will end soon at several of the hotels where our Provincial Planners have reserved block bookings of rooms in both June and July. Some hotels graciously extend if you are late in booking or even arrive at the hotel the day we are there, but there is no guarantee of rates, nor rooms available.

So if you require accommodations, please reserve your room, please.

There have been no additional hotels added since early May 2023 and that was in Montmagny, Quebec. That said, we are also working on our internal branding so The Rolling Barrage – VII – 2023 – Hotel Information Guide – Coast to Coast has changed in terms of layout and branding. Go to our Hotel Information page on our website to download the latest document, just for your own records.

Further as everyone is aware, Canada is currently experiencing several wildfires across the country that have displaced many. Hotels are often used as temporary accommodations for people that are moved out of the wildfire areas. In 2021, The Rolling Barrage was directly effected by this in Thunder Bay, Ontario and the hotel did not inform us of this. While everything in the end was sorted out with riders sharing new rooms and such it did cause delays to our evening.

Provincial Reps have been tasked to keep the Ride Planning Group updated on this to prevent as much as possible, disruptions. So rather than rely on hotels informing us, we are going directly to hotels and inquiring.

Our thoughts of course are with those currently displaced, possibly having lost a home and all that they once had.

As we obtain information that may have an impact on our ride, we will post here on our blog/s and through our Facebook page.

Thank you,

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage