The Rolling Barrage – 2023 – Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt

One of the things The Rolling Barrage takes great pride in, is our design concepts over the years for long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts and hoodies. 2023 is no exception. The design of this years Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt is spectacular.

A lot of hard work has gone into this years clothing merchandise. From selection of shirt colors, the fabrics, quality of production, paying respects to greater organizations such military, police, fire and EMS services, with a signature logo font The Rolling Barrage, to the selection of the major representation or theme graphic on the back.

The gold Canada flag and The Rolling Barrage text down both sleeves also stands out. In many ways this shirt design served as inspiration to the redesign concepts on our website we are working on now. Just imagine seeing a procession of The Rolling Barrage riders all wearing this shirt. That will stand out.

Shortly I will be visiting the facility as they commence their production runs on this and other merchandise we have lined up for purchase. I will be sure to take pictures and post about it. Scot and Paul, great work Design Team.

We are looking at a March 2023 launch in our Merchandise area of our website to coincide with the Registrations for Riders. Stayed tuned to our The Rolling Barrage – Facebook page and here in our News area.

Christian Carter

CEO – The Rolling Barrage PTD Foundation