Torque – “Yeah man…. Get the motor running! Yeah… Yeah…. Exploding in space… Born… to be ….” (Music shuts off)

Website Guy – “What do you think you are doing and why are you wearing my Rolling Barrage 2023 Long Sleeve, Limited Edition Shirt and my toque… hmmm?”

Torque – “Well, aren’t we cheery this morning. Well, I thought I would get a jump on letting the world know that The Rolling Barrage is having a sale on their 2023 Long Sleeve, Limited Edition Shirt and maybe.. just maybe… you might get me one! Maybe also one of these cool hat things”

Website Guy – “That is called a Toque.. er.. Torque, ok that sounded kind of weird.”

Torque – “No @#$%! Who would name this hat a Toque… you?”

Website Guy – “No, no, it was a name given to that style of… hat, as it were, long ago, but there is a kind of a ring to it with your name… Toque.. Torque…Torque… Toque… see it?”

Torque – “Oh, I see it. I think you have lost your @#$^%*&# mind is what I see.”

Website – “Can you stop with the language, lets checked out the Rolling Barrage store, and this sale you are talking about.”

Website Guy – “WOW! That is amazing, that is like 20% off! I am going to make a link so people can click on it and buy directly from the website. Just a sec.. and… voila!”

The Rolling Barrage 2023 – Long Sleeve Limited Edition Shirt

Torque – “What about the hat?”

Website Guy – “It’s called a toque.. Torque… let me check…. nah, it is not on sale but actually, it is still a good price at $18.00 each. Not a lot left though, maybe people should get one while they can. It is still cold outside and it does keep a person warm. I’ll provide a link to it.

The Rolling Barrage – Pom Pom Toque

Torque – “At those prices, maybe you can get me one of the shirts and the hat.”

Website Guy – “You can have the shirt and toque Torque… ok, something about that toque Torque thing, anyway, you got fur all over mine so you can have what you are wearing now. I am going to get some new ones.”

Torque – “I so want to bite you right now.”

Website Guy – “OK, maybe I will get one for that French Poodle you have been hanging around with for Valentines Day. Coming up soon, February 14th, I think she would like one”

Torque – “Sometimes, you are an ok guy”

Website Guy -“Thanks. I have to finish up here. Visit the Rolling Barrage Shop and get your 2023 – Long Sleeve Limited Edition Shirt while on sale, while supplies last. Grab one of The Rolling Barrage – Pom Pom Toque’s as well. Torque loves it. Shipping is extra. So jam that shipping box, get some cool merchandise. It helps us help Veteran and First Responder charity and not-for-profit organizations all across Canada. To learn more on that, check out our website to learn more about The Rolling Barrage and our mission.