The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 ride is just 114 days and counting according to our timer on the home page of The Rolling Barrage website. Before you know it, it will be Kick Stands Up and off we go. We want to encourage everyone to Register Online and Early. By you registering early it makes it easier on our volunteers onsite at the various registrations points, majority of whom are riders themselves.

Benefits of Early Registration

  1. It is done and out of the way on your list of things to do and prepare for the ride
  2. We have a record of your registration and acknowledging the policies and waivers
  3. Registering Online and Early allows us more time to plan well in advance
  4. Registering Early and Online is cheaper than day of event registrations

The Benefits You Don’t Readily See

  1. Allows us to plan hotels and arrange for preferred rates
  2. Plan fuel stops at facilities to accommodate a large group of riders
  3. Arrange locations for meals. This also greatly helps Sponsors and Supporters that provide meals to our groups.
  4. Allows us to plan on how much merchandise we bring to satisfy as best as possible riders and supporters from coast to coast.
  5. Our escorts from various First Responder agencies are a very important aspect of our overall Road Safety. By providing as accurate as possible registration numbers to them, this helps those organizations allocate resources.
  6. Planning of Events and coordinating with the event venue, local representatives and volunteers.
  7. Planning the days ride into groups, so we have the appropriate amount of Lead Riders, Waist and Tail Gunners.
  8. Provides information we can provide to Sponsors and Supporters to continue those valued relationships into the future.

We greatly appreciate all riders who have registered online to date. It is important to Register early whether you are riding one leg or the entire “Full Pull” across Canada.

Register Online and Early

Thank you,

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage