Website Guy – “Readers, Riders, Supporters, are you excited about The Rolling Barrage VIII 2024 ride? I know I am. Have you Registered yet for The Rolling Barrage 2024 annual coast to coast ride to combat PTSD and raise awareness of that and other mental health and quite often physical challenges Veterans, Active Duty, military and first responders face every day? Maybe you have already registered. Thank you.”

Website Guy – “For those that haven’t, our Registration is open, ready and waiting for you, to join us. Think about it, no… click the link, The Rolling Barrage – Registration, and join us. One day or longer it doesn’t matter. What matters is you and we would love to have you join us.”

Website Guy – “Oh, I almost forgot, to prove that, check out our home page and scroll down a bit, boom!!!! We have Registration Counters on our The Rolling Barrage Home Page. Now it is not live or anything pulling data from the inter-webs. Let’s just say, I rely on a Nut-Job as it were to send me updates and then I adjust the numbers based on Registrations completed at least weekly, I figure. It’s not really web magic or science but, it gets the job done and recognizes you the Registered Rider, Passenger, Supporter. So Register and be part of that too!”

Website Guy – “So why ride like this.. Scott Casey – Founder of The Rolling Barrage looks lonely, I think he needs company.”

Website Guy – “When you can ride like this! Ok Scott is not alone now.. this makes him happy but also everyone there is also happy. Look at it.. look at it! It’s amazing! Be part of that picture, actually new pictures!”

Website Guy – “Let’s move onto Merchandise. Now I know many of you are just chomping at the bit for new merchandise. Especially the 2024 version of the long sleeve, special edition shirt. But we have a sale on the 2023 version of the long sleeve, special edition shirt. Did you say SALE? Why.. yes I did. Now a lot of you may already have one.. maybe even two. But we have been getting a lot of questions on “what should I bring for the ride in terms of clothing?”

Website Guy – “Look at that shirt, amazing isn’t it? We have the solutions right on The Rolling Barrage Merchandise Shop. We have shirts, lots of shirts, short sleeve in different colours and long sleeve just waiting to support your keen sense of style and clothing needs not only for the ride, but every day use. We have a wide range of sizes available too. In fact, a few years back I had this one lady insist on a slightly smaller size because she wanted to feel the meaning and purpose even closer in wearing one of our shirts. It was quite touching her thoughts on it and she reminds me of it to this day.”

Website Guy – “While you are on our The Rolling Barrage Merchandise Shop getting those much needed clothing supplies. You also require the supporting equipment and you know that flair that is needed like The Rolling Barrage Mug, ride flags, patches… lots of patches…decals and a Challenge Coin cause quite frankly no one likes to be challenged on not having a Challenge Coin. I am so paranoid about it, I carry two just in case. Now you don’t need two, but if you lose the one you have, oh boy… so maybe getting two might be wise. Just saying.”

Website Guy – “This is super important. The money you spend allows us to not only expand upon The Rolling Barrage itself, but we help organizations much like us across the country. Check out our Facebook page on recent donations and our Who We Help page for organizations we have supported, you have supported. Thank you.”

Torque – “Hey Web-head whatever they call you. Sorry I am late. (carrying a laptop…wait, my laptop!) I was over at one of my lady friends’ place helping her with a project. Check it out… ahh ahhh!”

Website Guy – “ah, why are you on… why am I seeing? Don’t show me anymore, oh boy, close the laptop, close it… now!”

Website Guy – “ok Torque, we need to talk. You have many great ideas. In this case, this is not one of them. Why do I remember saying that before? Nevermind, you are going to take that down now or I will. Wait, it’s my computer. I can’t believe I am even asking.”

Torque – “Sure go ahead, I still have snap pics and vids though!” (Waving a cell phone)

Website Guy – “oh and you are using my cell phone on top of that! Gimme that!”

Torque – “You are mean!”

Website Guy – Coincidently, I have been told that before. (looking at phone) oh my, I don’t know what to say.”

Torque – “Well, let me tell you, I really worked up a sweat. I need a bath.”

Website Guy – “Go.. go now! Oh my… Ahem! So while we are having some technical challenges in the studio today, our website for Registrations and Merchandise Shop where purchases are waiting for you. Thank you all sincerely.”

Torque – “Meanie!”