The registrations for The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 are coming along very nicely. We have a sizable Full Pull contingent going clear across the country. Do we want more? Of course we do. Equally important are the riders who ride across a few provinces or those due to work or time constraints can only ride 1-3 days. Every rider / participant is meaningful to our mission.
Registering as soon as possible helps us align the requirements and needs for stops such as arranging more hotels, bigger fuel stops or multiple fuel stops at a given location and meals.
With meals we have had local sponsors who have helped our ride in previous years. Which is amazing. But being able to give them as close as possible ridership / passenger attendance information helps them help us.

To Register

Our Rolling Barrage 2023 – Limited Edition, Long Sleeve Shirt is on sale. If you are new rider joining us on this years 2024 ride, this is a great opportunity to get one in your size most likely. We also have short sleeve shirts, coffee mugs, bike flags, patches and decals for your helmet and ride.
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Hotel Guide
We have a downloadable PDF Hotel Guide, Version 2.0. As changes can occur such as increased block of rooms at a hotel or additional hotels added due to demand we update the Hotel Guide accordingly.
Our Hotel Information page;

Ride Posters
Our Rolling Barrage ride posters for 2024 have been posted. They are in both English and French. They are available from our Facebook page and Route Information page.
Individual leg/route information will be posted at a later date as provincial leads are working on them currently.