The Rolling Barrage VIII 2024 – Route Guides are released. Go to our Route Information page to download the coast to coast guides. They are in English and French.

The Route Guides are in PDF format with active working links in the document to help point you in the right direction. Our ride goes from East to West, starting in Newfoundland and all the way to British Columbia if you are a Full Puller.

But don’t worry. We have stops in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, 5 of them. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and ending in British Columbia.

Ok, so quick checklist.

You have the Route Guides … Check

You have enough clothes so you don’t have to worry about stuff like laundry… oh, we sense maybe a bit of a problem here. No worry. We have you covered…or will. You get the point. Just so happens our 2024 Limited Edition Shirt is out and we are celebrating the 100th Centennial of the Royal Canadian Air Force. What a coincidence! Check

While there, if you really want to step up the flair’ game, we have badges, flags, short sleeve shirts, coffee mugs, flags for your ride and even more shirts! Short sleeve, very cool too! Jam that shipping box! Cause flat shipping applies. So hit the Merchandise link like hammer on an anvil, and go absolutely buy crazy in there. We won’t mind at all. Good.. another Check taken care of. You are doing GREAT!

So we have Guides, Merchandise.. what else?

Registration! Did you even Register? Better get on that! Again, no problem. Registration Link – right there. There you go. Only thing we can’t do for you is fill it out. Remember there is a rider Registration and Passenger Registration. A lot of the narrative and questions is our insurance company ensuring our T’s are crossed and our I’s are dotted. Check

Hotels! – the Hotel Guide has been online for a while now, Go to our Hotel Information page. Check

Double Check

On a final note. Thank you to everyone who joins us on The Rolling Barrage VIII 2024 Coast to Coast ride, buys our merchandise, the Sponsors, Supporting Sponsors, those who straight up Donate and just everyone who waves, salutes, feeds us, entertains us and the list goes on. We love you all.

Mic drop…