The Rolling Barrage 2024 – Route Guides in both English and French have been updated to Version 4.0

To download the latest guides in PDF format please go to,

The Rolling Barrage – Route Information page on the website.

Within each guide is a record of the changes for the specific date / route and the update.

During the ride, an incident can happen that is not within our control. Such as accidents that cause delays in the ride reaching certain stops on time. Sometimes accidents can cause the ride to divert from an intended route.

The Number 1 priority is the safety of those active on the ride at that time. We will endeavour to update as quickly as possible via our Facebook page to inform of delays or progress from a delay.

Other Links

Registration – our registration for the ride is entirely online. Registering Online helps us manage the operational, logistical and administrative aspects of a ride across the country. It informs us, so that such things as events where meals are donated for example can be arranged as early as possible with those organizations who help The Barrage Barrage.

Route Guides – in PDF format in both English and French.

Hotel Guide – in PDF format. Some hotels in the guide may be fully booked at this time. We suggest looking at hotels or accommodations within proximity to the hotels that The Rolling Barrage will be located.

Merchandise – our Merchandise will be soon loading up in a trailer and transported to Newfoundland to accompany the ride across Canada. If you want merchandise before The Rolling Barrage starts across Canada we highly suggest to order now for delivery. We carry in our trailer as much merchandise as possible for the entire ride across Canada.