As the Founder of The Rolling Barrage, Scott Casey recently posted on our Facebook page, on Wednesday June 19th 2024 in Kamloops BC several organizations participated in a meet and greet, presentation and multi-faceted grouping of donations. There is more to tell.

To extend this event to its core roots, this is a direct result of riders, supporters, volunteers, sponsors and those who have donated to The Rolling Barrage since 2017. Every year there has been increased awareness in all our collective efforts.

The Rolling Barrage since 2017 has always transported merchandise and safety gear in its early beginnings by filling up personal vehicles. In 2019, we were fortunate to have “Motor” use a truck and toy-hauler trailer across the country which further elevated the awareness and the need to have something similar.

Fast forward to June 19th, 2024 and with the kind donation by Mike Rude of The Rude Awakening Tour, a trailer he owned now belongs to The Rolling Barrage. There have been modifications, updates to both the interior and exterior of the trailer to be used literally as a merchandise, health and safety, and support platform for The Rolling Barrage.

To learn more about The Rude Awakening Tour and Mike and Spark’s (service support dog) mission, click on the links below.

The Rude Awakening Tour – Facebook

The Rude Awakening Tour – Instagram

Inland Truck and Equipment is one of our amazing sponsors. For The Rolling Barrage 2024 coast to coast ride across Canada and to pull our new trailer, Inland has kindly donated the use of one of their branded vehicles. That is truly an outstanding donation. It is a level of sponsorship that brings both awareness of The Rolling Barrage across the country but also raises the awareness of Inland Truck and Equipment.

To learn more about Inland Truck and Equipment, please visit.

Inland – Facebook

Inland – Instagram

Inland – You Tube

If you want to see a cool video telling Inlands story and “The Hard Work Behind The Hard Work” check out this video.

Spartan Wellness is a highly valued and respected sponsor for The Rolling Barrage. So we have a truck, we have our own trailer, but we need to brand it… more on that next. Spartan Wellness came to the table and donated not only the cost of wrapping The Rolling Barrage trailer but also donating 10,000 bottles of water for riders and support drivers during The Rolling Barrage 2024 ride. Spartan Wellness will also strategically drop ship the water across the country as part of their support efforts.

To learn more about Spartan Wellness please visit.

Spartan Wellness – Facebook

Spartan Wellness – Website

Spartan Wellness – Promo Video

Big Freight Systems is another one of our highly respected sponsors. The choice on branding The Rolling Barrage trailer really came from the inspiration of what Big Freight Systems has already done.

The above photo was taken at Big Freight Systems facility in Steinbach MB in 2023. They hosted The Rolling Barrage with Inland Truck and Equipment for a massive BBQ. That trailer helped bring motorcycles to Newfoundland for riders to start their journey west. Big Freight Systems also transported riders’ motorcycles back east. The choice on our branding of The Rolling Barrage trailer.. smaller version, was an easy decision.

To learn more about Big Freight Systems and the monumental support they provide to The Rolling Barrage please visit their links.

Big Freight Systems – Website

Big Freight Systems – Facebook

Big Freight Systems – You Tube

Operation Pegasus Foundation

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation has donated previously to the Operation Pegasus Foundation. Several riders within The Rolling Barrage have also participated in the Operation Pegasus Jump program. On Wednesday June 19th 2024, The Rolling Barrage Founder, Scott Casey, a graduate of the Operation Pegasus Jump program, presented a $7500.00 donation to the Operation Pegasus Foundation.

To learn more about Operation Pegasus Foundation and if you really want to expand on your personal comfort zone please visit the links below.

Operation Pegasus Foundation – Website

Operation Pegasus Foundation – Facebook

Operation Pegasus Foundation – Instagram