More Merchandise!!! Take My Money!

This is “Throttle” and he doesn’t look too happy. It seems he spent money on some cheapo knock-off jean jacket at a flea market. Not only did he get a cheapo knock-off jacket; he also got fleas! Go figure! So we have recommended to “Throttle” that he scoots on over to The Rolling Barrage – Merchandise Shop and buys some of them brand new The Rolling Barrage coloured shirts. “Throttle is even thinking about maybe getting some merch for that nice friendly Beagle down the street, “Dafney” since they ladies styles too!

While he is at it, he also considering on getting that new The Rolling Barrage, “zip up” hoodie for the fella that walks him around. Comes with the ever cool “gun bike logo, front and back.” Only thing “Throttle knows is he likes chasin’ bikes. Even comes with pockets! You know what that means.. oh yeah… more treats! It is like a win/win situation.

The Rolling Barrage – Zip Up Hoodie -2023

“Throttle” has also learned that The Rolling Barrage, Merchandise Store has new and cool helmet stickers. “Say What!?” Yeah it’s true. While he doesn’t have a helmet, he just might do some interior decorating on his doghouse, his crib, the place where all the magic happens. Like napping and sleeping.

Wait.. don’t be napping yet “Throttle” you have to head on over to The Rolling Barrage – Merchandise Store and get on that merch like a dog on a bone!