The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage have been working in the background with The Canadian Concussion Legacy Foundation and their Project Enlist.

If you have Registered for our annual The Rolling Barrage ride this year, you may have noticed there is a Concussion Pledge where you can agree to participate with the Concussion Legacy Foundation in their efforts.

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we appreciate the value of wearing a helmet. The technology that goes into building new lightweight protection today has come a long way from the old leather helmets worn at the beginning of actually wearing a helmet.

There are many factors to our overall wellness, both mentally and physically. Many of us have been subjected to a Concussion or cumulative concussions depending on our trade or sport.

If you’ll donate a lung or a kidney to help research or to save someone’s life in the event of your death, why wouldn’t you donate your thinker for the development of safety equipment for our troops, first responders and personally, more importantly, our CHILDREN.

Donate your brain so that it benefits generations of Canadians by limiting head trauma through understanding.

“To show my strong belief in Project Enlist, I have filled out the forms to donate the squishy part between my horns to research;

when I’m done with it of course.” ~Scott

I urge all of you, whether you ride or not, to do the same.

Scott Casey – Founder / The Rolling Barrage

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation