In 2023, The Rolling Barrage returned to Newfoundland in a big way. The Rolling Barrage – Coast to Coast Ride to Combat PTSD had not been to Newfoundland since 2017. It was deemed important to return to Newfoundland and embrace the culture and community that is unique and provides to any visitor. Starting The Rolling Barrage in Newfoundland also adds to our annual coast to coast ride and for riders that participate in The Full Pull. Which is the group of riders that start at the first point on the East Coast of Canada and ride the entire country to the final point on the West Coast in British Columbia.

The Rolling Barrage is returning to Newfoundland at the end of July 2024. We are expecting another record year of Full Pull riders and local riders to participate. Our Routes will be published in early April 2024.

Riding a motorcycle in Newfoundland is an adventure. As a rider or participant in The Rolling Barrage you have some options to get your motorcycle on the island. You can ship it by air or take a ferry to Newfoundland. It really depends where you are geographically located within Canada or the United States.

Many within The Rolling Barrage choose to book a trip on a ferry. Their rides strapped down in the vehicle cargo hold and then lodging overnight in a room. Many take this opportunity to meet other Rolling Barrage riders, tourist and locals in a melting pot of drinks, food, laughter and an opportunity to acquaint themselves with what is to come.

On departure from the ferry, Newfoundland is a stunning island that offers almost no traffic, breathtaking ocean scenery along its coast, and a rich history. Did you know that the Viking explorer Leif Erikson, who discovered the Americas about 500 years before Christopher Columbus, first arrived here in the 11th Century? Visiting Newfoundland is as much about learning not only the history of Newfoundland but Canada and North America.

Newfoundland was also Britain’s first overseas territory and the forerunner of the British Empire. Newfoundland was its own country until 1949. The participation of Newfoundland taking up arms with British allies such as Australia, India, New Zealand and for that matter Canada presents a storied history on the battlefield of Europe. With the Rolling Barrage being a military veteran, first responder and supporter coast to coast ride, many within the ride research information and visit historical locations on their own or with the ride as it progress across the province.

Adding to this Newfoundland has the most eastern point in North America (Cape Spear), and is home to one of North America’s oldest cities too!

Now, for those that maybe don’t participate in The Rolling Barrage, let’s discuss some of the best motorcycle routes for touring this beautiful land and it just might be the deciding factor in your participating in the Rolling Barrage in the future.

Avalon Peninsula Loops

These loops around the Avalon Peninsula are a spectacular tour to spend a couple of days riding your motorcycle on. The roads roll back and forth along the sea, offering what seems to be endless curves and corners. The exploration of little communities nestled along the coast, facing the ocean and enjoyment of wide vistas of coastline are literally everywhere you turn. Rarely is there any traffic to slow you down. Many riders on the Rolling Barrage rig video cameras on their motorcycle to record their trip and at stops along the routes we take, have taken spectacular photographs of the places in Newfoundland they have visited.

Spend a few days at the Sea Echo Moto Lodge and take two days to ride the loops (about 600 kms per day). Don’t miss the Ferryland Lighthouse, which offers picnic baskets for a scenic lunch stop. But there are also many restaurants with local food dishes to explore in your journey.

T’Railway (Trans Canada Adventure Trail)

The very unique and interesting 900 km (560-mile) T’Railway is the first leg of the Trans Canada Adventure Trail (TCAT). Perfect for off-road enthusiasts, this trail takes you through diverse landscapes and historical sites. The Rolling Barrage itself does not ride much in terms of off-road, trail type routes. Majority of the motorcycles are road / highway cruisers. If your motorcycle is built for the conditions of off-road or trail, by all means explore the Trans Canada Adventure Trail.

Irish Loop, Cape Shore, and Bacallieu Trail

Returning to the asphalt, these routes are fantastic. Enjoy winding roads, picturesque communities, and stunning coastal views. Visit lighthouses, beaches, and bird sanctuaries along the way.

When to Go

Generally speaking August has the warmest, driest weather but in 2023 The Rolling Barrage did experience some rainfall on the east coast of Canada. The riding season however extends from June to October. September and October often offer some of the best riding weather of the year. Remember though Newfoundland is a land of rugged beauty, and being an island surrounded by an ocean can bring challenges. That said, the friendly locals, and unforgettable riding experiences will take you mind away from the weather for the most part. So get up, gear up, hit the road, and explore Newfoundland whether it is on a motorcycle, trike, or even a passenger motor vehicle.

If you are feeling even more adventurous and want to support a cause, join us on The Rolling Barrage – Coast to Coast ride to raise awareness to combat PTSD. We help raise funds to provide for programs and treatment for military veterans, RCMP, and the greater First Responder Community.

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