Recently updated was the Photo Gallery on The Rolling Barrage website. Pictures have always been taken from riders and supporters of The Rolling Barrage and normally posted on our Rolling Barrage – Facebook page. However, over time the posts containing those pictures get buried eventually by successive posts and then years of posts.

A collection of around 1500 pictures are gathered, primarily from our Facebook page and other contributors in the Photo Gallery.

There are photo gallery collections that represent each year of the ride from 2017 to 2022. As photos come in from The Rolling Barrage VII 2023, we will add them accordingly. There are a few other key galleries such as our ride posters over the years and the recent trip to Bonnyville Alberta for Canada Day by Rolling Barrage Alumni.

Photo Galleries are grouped accordingly. When you click on a picture, it will expand on your screen. This is much more noticeable on a desktop or laptop computer versus a cell phone. You can then cycle through the pictures in enlarged mode.

Check out our Photo Gallery.

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