Enduro Park – Canada 

Advanced Rider Training Courses 

Learn motorcycle handling skills previously only taught to Police Motorcycle Operators, Escort Teams and Drill Team riders. This course starts with low speed handling, clutch throttle control and works the rider up through full lean lock bar turns, Circles, Figure 8’s, etc and works into high speed braking and obstacle avoidance. These are the true Advanced Rider Fundamentals that will make your riding safer and more fun regardless of what you ride or where you ride. Come visit us and learn the secrets only the pro’s know.

Ryan has unique skills when it comes to motorcycles. Ryan is an expert in collision reconstruction and vehicle dynamics, as well as being certified as a Police Motorcycle Instructor for Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda and Kawasaki. This allows him to instruct at an advanced level to riders on a wide variety of motorcycles. His experience with major collision reconstruction has given him years of experience determining why crashes are happening, and this course is designed from the Police Operators course and from his experience from Collision Investigations to provide Advanced Skills not available anywhere else.

The Course starts with low speed skills teaching advanced clutch / throttle control, balance and body position different from any other civilian course. From there we work through a number of intensive Police style skilled patterns until you are doing things you never thought possible. All of this is aimed at giving you REAL control of the motorcycle. On the second day we move into high speed braking and then into a high speed braking section with a stressful skilled component at the end will makes this training more real world than anything else you have done.

When you leave you will be riding at a level you thought was only accessible to those with some special skills born into them. The truth is everyone can get there and we are your ticket. Come and see for yourself.