The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 continues to develop and with that there is a new Rolling Barrage – Route Information Guide 2023 – Version 4.0 – July 12th 2023. This guide encompasses the entire country, coast to coast. It is in PDF format, which is readily available for all computers, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

They are handy documents to have whether you are a Full Pull rider going coast to coast or riding a series of days or just one day. The latest updates are always on our website so you can even bookmark our Route Information Page in your browser.

Three routes have been updated.

  • Day 03 (Thurs 03 Aug 2023) North Sydney NS – Frankville NS
  • Day 11 (Friday 11 Aug 2023) Sault Ste Marie ON – Thunder Bay ON
  • Day 13 (Sun 13 Aug 2023) Dryden ON – Neepawa MB

You can download the entire Rolling Barrage – Route Information Guide 2023 – Version 4.0 – July 12th 2023 as well as individual days from our Route Information page on our website.


Online Registration – to register for The Rolling Barrage it is highly recommended to register in advance and online. You can also register “day of” but come early so we can help you. We also have paper based Registrations for those that have technical concerns.

Hotel Information – some hotels still have rooms available under The Rolling Barrage block booking. For hotels that are past those dates, please contact them directly. They may still have rooms and honor discounts.

Route Information – Updated 12 July 2023

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