Are you excited? We are excited! In just literally 21 Days, The Rolling Barrage will be Kick Stands Up in Newfoundland. We have a live countdown on our homepage.

Many riders and passengers are already started on their journey to Newfoundland and more will be starting their journey this coming week.

Registration – All our Registration is Online. It helps us to prepare administratively, operationally and logistically for a ride that goes Coast to Coast. Registration for a rider starts at $30.00 and covers a 1-3 day period. More details on our Registration Information Page on our website.

To see how are Registrations are going, this is current as of today.

We have a great contingent of Full Pull – Riders and Passengers. We’d love to fill out our ride with more localized Provincial Riders and Passengers. We would love to see before Kick Stands Up in Newfoundland Registrations push into the 200 – 225 Rider / Passenger range.

Registration Online is open during the entire The Rolling Barrage.

Route Information – We highly suggest downloading our Route Information Guide – Version 5.0. We have both English and French versions in PDF format. It has all the information you need, where you Check In, Where We Eat, Where We Fuel Up and more.

Hotel Information – There are still a few hotel locations across the country that have some rooms left that were block booked by us. If there are no rooms available, we highly suggest bring along a friend and share a hotel/motel accommodation near the “primary” hotel/s we block booked.

Merchandise Shop – We highly recommend if you want The Rolling Barrage merchandise delivered via mail, you order online this week. We have to finish loading up our trailer and we will be carrying merchandise from coast to coast across the country inside.

Remember your Registrations, Purchases, Donations help us to provide funds to other Not For Profit and Charity organizations across the country that provide services and resources to Active Duty Military, Veterans, RCMP and the First Responder Community.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage has provided support funds for sport, recreational, hobby, support groups, food, clothing, shelter, camping, service animals, and more. Our Sponsors and Supporting Sponsors not only help The Rolling Barrage but also our efforts. Check out our Who We Help page to learn about the organizations we have provided assistance to.