The Sponsors for The Rolling Barrage are very special to the organization and our mission in raising awareness in our efforts to combat PTSD and other mental health and physical challenges that can face serving and veteran military and first responder communities across Canada.

Many of our sponsors have employees who served in the military and first responder community. They continually and actively recruit or have programs dedicated to the hiring of military veterans and the first responder community.

Our Sponsors are crucial to our success in not only our efforts to combat PTSD, Mental Health and Physical challenges that can occur from service but the operational, logistical and administrative support they afford to our organization that conducts a coast to coast motorcycle ride across Canada.

They have transported, provided meals, hosted events, communications for road safety, first aid equipment, our internal communications framework, and financial contributions. They are the definition and standard in sponsors and we truly can never thank them enough for all they do.

The image gallery is below is a representation of who they are and what they do. You can click on the image to expand it to a larger format.

Please visit our Sponsors page. There you find their logos. Click on the logo and they will have their own page on our website. There you find out more information on the sponsor, photo galleries, videos and links to their website and social media.

Our main Sponsors page all have sponsors who have contributed $5000.00 and up towards direct operational, logistical, administrative, and financial support. Many have ridden at some point with us during The Rolling Barrage too.

The Rolling Barrage continues to expand on the return to sponsors in ways not many other Not For Profit or Charity organizations do, such as tiered sponsors having their own page. Or this blog post for example, where we continue to recognize and thank them for their support.

If you are reading and considering becoming a Sponsor, reach out to us on our Contact Us page and fill out a quick form and we will get back to you to engage in a conversation.

Thank you.