The past weekend of February 10th to the 12th The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation’s website began construction and redevelopment in earnest so that it will be ready towards the beginning of March 2023. A lot of future information and resources are going to be directed specifically at the website because it really is more under our control than other social media based platforms.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation – Website Development

We are well aware of the changes, we’re doing them, so there is no need to email us, or contact us our Facebook page. We appreciate the thought but hold off reporting website related issues until really its officially launched. We could have developed this differently, such as off-line, but decided to do this semi-live so to speak.

As you can probably tell, there has been a significant break out of web-pages that will make up the website. Eventually pages related to Registration, Merchandise and Route Information for The Rolling Barrage 2023 ride will also be broken down into specific pages and where viable; documents for you to download in Adobe PDF format for example.

So a lot of work is in the works. One of the aspects we did decide to do was remove commenting from the Blog & News as well as The Full Pull area. The two combined areas would be too much to administer in our website administration area. Our Facebook Page continues to be the primary interaction between The Rolling Barrage volunteers and you. On that note, interest in The Rolling Barrage – Facebook page has really soared since November 2022 and consistently traffic, likes, and shares have increased in overall growth. Scott Casey (Founder) has been working to elevate our presence on Facebook. We’d like to thank everyone who has jumped in and contacted us through that social media channel.

So keep on checking in as we continue construction and development of The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation’s website.