The Rolling Barrage Merchandise Online Shop brought out in 2023, two styles of hoodies. One is pull over and the other is zip up style.

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The hoodie’s are very popular with riders, passengers on motorcycles and supporters alike. Our Online Shop has several in stock of both styles. With the recent The Rolling Barrage 2024 – Limited Edition Shirt being sold right now, the option of maximizing your shipping expense, which is flat rate, becomes even a better value. Jam that box!

Descriptions of the hoodies and sizes available are provided on the direct links above.

The Rolling Barrage uses funds received for all activities it conducts. Donations to organizations that focus on mental health and wellbeing of active duty, retired military and first responders. We as an organization focus on our annual ride, coast to coast, to make this happen. You have and can help make this happen also in a big way.

For those who are considering riding this year, direct links below to key areas of our website to help you to join us.

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  • About The Rolling Barrage VIII 2024 Ride – General Information
  • Route Information – Route Guides for 2024. PDF Format with web links maps, locations, events and more. Available in both English and French as downloadable documents.
  • Registration – Registrations are Online for Riders and Passengers. This is important. Helps cover insurance costs, but also provides information. How many Full Pullers, number of riders between days so we can notify first responder escorts, seating at restaurants, facilities and more.
  • Hotel Information – Block booked rooms across the country. On this page is a Hotel Guide to contact applicable hotels at the best rates we could get. You are free to stay anywhere you please as an option as well.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation and The Rolling Barrage sincerely appreciate all you do and have done to make our rides a success since 2017.